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Zyatonix Review

Zyatonix claims to be the “world’s first and only weight loss pill that kills fat cells” according to a Dr Peter Schwab. They post multiple testimonials claiming they don’t need celebrities or paid actors.

The ingredients list has to be found outside the Zyatonix website. But it is made up of one basic blend of ingredients. They are supposed to help you to induce fat cell death and otherwise burn fat, therefore transforming your body.

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of Zyatonix has yet to be proven. If their formula can induce fat cell death, so can every other formula on the market, being that they use only extremely common ingredients, most of which actually have no application to weight loss.

Below, we list the ingredients of Zyatonix, along with a brief explanation for each. Some may find it more effective to find a product that has less common ingredients that are actually proven to promote weight loss, and of course in the right amounts. But Zyatonix would prefer you not look this far.

Zyatonix Weight Loss Complex

Acacia rigidula-known as natural amphetamines, these claim to promote weight loss, fat burning, and stimulation of the nervous system

Methylsynephrine- a chemical cousin of ephedra without the side effects, synephrine can burn fat, suppress appetite, and increase energy.

Phenylethylamine- PEA is an amphetamine like substance that has been known as the “love drug” in chocolate. It has also been known to suppress appetite.

Cassia nomame-this is a traditional medicine used by Chinese cultures. It is a natural lipase inhibitor

Theobromine-naturally found in chocolate, it is a source of caffeine which stimulates thermogenesis or fat burning

Yohimbine-a natural sexual stimulant, yohimbine has not actually been shown to promote weight loss, but has been connected to incidence of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and liver failure

ECGC-this active constituent of green tea can promote antioxidant benefits and fat burning in doses of 400mg or more.

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