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Zotrim Review

Zotrim claims to provide you with the all natural energy boosting and appetite suppressing effects that you are looking for. They claim that they will eliminate 5% of your body weight, not necessarily in fat, in 6 weeks, which equals out to about 10 pounds in 6 weeks if you are 200 pounds. Otherwise, it is significantly less when diet and exercise should provide 12 pounds in 6 weeks regardless of weight, or more if you are heavier.

How Does Zotrim Work?

Zotrim uses the combination of guarana, damiana, and yerba mate. This can slow the rate of gastric emptying so that you eat less often and feel hungry at a less frequent rate. But at the same point in time, it requires certain amounts, and the study actually showed that patients lost an average of 11.2 pounds in that time, regardless of weight category, which obviously does not match up with their claims. They do not however use the right amounts of said ingredients, leading to no effects.

Guarana, damiana, yerba mate-we list these ingredients in one big clump for a reason. They don’t do anything apart, and together, it should be noted that they promote a certain amount of weight loss, it is not a percentage. It is exactly 11.2 pounds in 45 days, not 5% or anything like that. And of course it requires a certain amount that Zotrim does not use.

Zotrim Side Effects

There are no side effects necessarily associated with Zotrim

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