You Are The StairMaster

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, I was fascinated by the lights you push and the automatic doors closing… elevators were the coolest. I just remember taking the elevator to the Empire State Building and thinking this is the jack pot of all elevators. Didn’t know that it would help me gain weight though.. Did you know that just taking the stairs instead of elevators (don’t over do it by going up 40 floors by stairs), but a recent study showed that by taking the stairs, people have been shown to lose 2% of body weight, increase activity by 8%, and decrease body pressure and body fat content.
These results were for those that will take the stairs on a normal basis and not using them to exercise. Those who are looking for better results and are in shape to do it, stairs are perfect to use on your lunch break to exercise on. Using stairs for aerobic exercise not only will tone up your legs and thighs, but we are talking about complete body work out. Running up stairs can be great for your body, I remember from my soccer playing days how often my coach would tell me that. Amazing, so I say, just do it. (stairs that is)

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