Water Pills To Lose Weight

It’s your big day, you’re ready to get married, or maybe it’s your 10 year class reunion, and you want to make a big entrance. Maybe you just want to look a little better, and you feel like you need that extra bit of help to take that last 5 pounds off as fast as you can. Regardless of your reasons, professionals and everyday citizens alike have used water pills to lose weight! Bodybuilders have used them to get more defined, fighters and wrestlers have used them to make weigh ins, and many have used them to be ready for one big day or one big vacation.

To find out if water pills for weight loss are right for you, and which one you should use if they are, you have to be informed about water pills and what they do. There has been definite concern about this method, because it can be extremely unhealthy to lose weight this fast. Diuretics or water pills work by signaling the kidneys to eliminate excess sodium, taking water with it.

Varieties of water pills

While diuretics or water pills are often thought of in the spectrum of the group, there are actually three types of water pills. They are known as loop diuretics, thiazides, and more comprehensive combinations of the past 2 types. Loop diuretics work by stopping the natural absorption of sodium, causing more water to pass through the body when you drink it. Thiazides on the other hand work to eliminate sodium and stop the absorption thereof. But they also increase the absorption of potassium.

Should you take water pills for weight loss?

Water pills can be attractive. Lose 5 pounds in 5 days, lose 7 pounds in 7 days, etc. They can promote fast weight loss by eliminating water weight. But it should not be taken for extended periods of time. Medically, water pills have been used to address problems with high blood pressure. But they can cause a drop in blood pressure that may be overly detrimental to those who are on the lower edge of normal blood pressure levels. And over time, when taken excessively, water pills can cause other side effects. At most, water pills should only be taken for a few days a time.

My Recommendation For Water Pills For Weight Loss

Out of the many different water pills for weight loss, we’ve found that most do not have diuretics powerful enough to do the job right! But the 72 Hour Slimming Pill has proven itself different. The 72 Hour Slimming Pill is an all star weight loss formula with fast acting ingredients and potent and effective amounts of each! The 72 Hour Slimming Pill will effectively recharge your body with a thorough cleansing process, eliminating up to 12 pounds in just 72 hours!

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