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USP Labs Pink Magic Review

USP Labs Pink Magic
Despite its name, USP Labs Pink Magic is not a potion cooked up by Harry Potter to give you troll-like strength. But USP Labs Pink Magic is a new weight loss formula that is supposed to simultaneously shed pounds and build muscle. The developers explain that this product’s formula was forgotten and held back from the public, but then revived and developed for years before coming back onto the scene to take the weight loss world by storm (kind of like He-who-must-not-be-named). But available from vendors with names more trusted than Voldemort’s, USP Labs Pink Magic is sold on major sites like bodybuilding.com and GNC stores across America. But while the initial signs are good, does USP Labs Pink Magic really “got the magic?”

How Does USP Labs Pink Magic Work?

USP Labs Pink Magic has a unique blend of uncommon ingredients, we will grant them that (though they have nothing like eye of newt or gillyweed). But unfortunately, these ingredients are about as magical as dating your high school’s Dungeon and Dragons club president when it comes to losing weight. In fact, only two of the seven main ingredients are even connected to weight loss. USP Labs Pink Magic’s other contents reportedly have antioxidant and sexual health benefits but they haven’t been studied nearly enough to be sure. But whether they turn out to be healthy or not, they still aren’t very useful for burning fat.

cAMP-a secondary messenger in the body, cAMP is essential to many of the body’s natural processes. It is synthesized from ATP, and it has been used to regulate glycogen, sugar, and lipid metabolism. Some have also used it to encourage the release of growth hormone within the body.

Forslean- a natural lean muscle builder, this comes from an ingredient known as caralluma fimbriata. It can naturally help you to increase metabolism and otherwise help you to achieve better maintenance of results if used correctly. Forslean is patented.

Nelumbo nucifera- known as the Indian lotus, sacred lotus, or bean of India, this ingredient has been used for many dried flower arrangements. There is some risk of parasite transmission, and it has never actually been connected to weight loss.

Rhamnus nakaharai- known for its relatively new antioxidant benefits, Rhamnus nakaharai is still being studied. But it has never actually been proven to promote weight loss results.

Massularia acuminate- called aluka, this natural herb has been speculated to have certain androgenic benefits, helping to improve male health and muscle mass. However, none of this has yet been proven. Not even by the Ministry of Magic.

cGMP phosphodiesterase- discovered by Pfizer, this has been used as an active component of medications like Viagra and Levitra, both meant to address erectile dysfunction. However, while it has been relatively successful in treating E.D., it does not promote weight loss results.

GTP- guanosine triphosphate is well known for the synthesis of RNA in the transcription process. It has been used to promote greater energy transfer as well as genetic translation. But it does not actually promote weight loss results.

USP Labs Pink Magic Side Effects

USP Labs Pink Magic side effects include headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, and an elevated heartbeat. It doesn’t turn you into a frog though, so that’s a plus.


So if you’re looking to transform yourself from a plump Dudley Dursley to a lean and sculpted Viktor Krum, USP Labs Pink Magic is not what you’re looking for. While perhaps containing a few weight loss supplements and maybe a few healthy additions to its blend, this product just doesn’t have the right stuff for the right results. Ineffective, under-studied, and un-enchanting, USP Labs Pink Magic looks like it was designed by a bunch of Muggles.

USP Labs Pink Magic, 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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Product Reviewed: USP Labs Pink Magic

I started taking Pink Magic a week ago. I take 6 pills a day with each one of my meals. USPLabs recommends taking an additional 2 pills prior workout, but I have already been getting results with the 6. My results include increase of energy, strength, and endurance. This has allowed me to really push my muscles in the gym to the next level. The only downside to Pink Magic is that is a little pricey.

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