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Trimspa Review

Trimspa used to contain Ephedra, a supplement now banned in the US. But they remodelled their formula, added a celebrity endorsement from Anna Nicole Smith and relaunched their product. However, her recent death did create some doubt about whether the Trimspa brand would survive.

Anna Nicole first tried Trimspa in 2003 and reportedly lost 69lbs in 6 months. She admitted to doing regular colon cleanses and changing her diet. But she claimed that Trimspa was responsible for most of the weight loss.

There has been enormous hype around the Trimspa brand, but its main ingredients are actually just the same as many other diet pills. These major ingredients are:

Hoodia Gordonii
A plant native to South America that is currently the most sought after weight loss supplement on the market. It has a long history as an appetite suppressant among the indigenous people of South Africa.

A water soluble dietary fiber that expands in the stomach to reduce appetite.

Green Tea Extract
One of the most popular and effective appetite suppressants.

Other ingredients include Chromium, Cocoa, Green Tea extract, Citrus Naringin and Vanadium. The exact proportions of each ingredient are unknown – Trimspa withholds them to protect its formula from unauthorised copying. One issue that many people have with Trimspa though, is that they can replicate the pill’s ingredients more cheaply themselves.

How do you take Trimspa?

The Trimspa website prescribes different doses of Trimspa for dieters of different weights and ages. The maximum dosage is 6 pills per day, but most dieters will take 3-4 pills. The usual cost is around $50 per month.

Trimspa Side Effects

Trimspa does have some reported side effects – occasionally users have complained of anxiety, insomnia and migraines. Other users have found it more effective to buy Hoodia and Glucomannan separately, rather than in the Trimspa package.

Trimspa is also expensive and this makes it tough for everyone to afford – make sure to set aside at least $50 a month.

Trimspa Ingredients

This label shows the ingredients found in a bottle of Trimspa X32.

Trimspa weight loss

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