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Solo Slim Review

Solo Slim
Solo Slim claims that you can get all the benefits you want and need, and they claim that you can lose significant amounts of weight in just your first day as it starts working immediately with just one pill a day, and it’s completely stimulant free not causing side effects. They claim that effectively speaking, you will get safe and effective weight loss like nothing else before.

How Does Solo Slim Work?

Solo Slim uses a few basic ingredients, and unfortunately speaking, while some could promote weight loss, at least 2 have nothing to do with weight loss at all, and they have taken the active part of another ingredient that would actually be required to show results. They still cause side effects.

Glucomannan -in amounts of 1000mg or more, this could potentially blow up in the stomach and suppress appetite. But they don’t list amounts, meaning they don’t have this much

Lotus Leaf flavanoids -no known benefits or weight loss possibilities.

Fucoxanthin -a potential stimulant free fat burner coming from seaweed, but it has only been tested on rats, and all studies have been conducted by the same group of researchers, leading to serious bias.

Citrus aurantium -said to be the alternative to ephedrine, but has been known to still cause some side effects and require considerable amounts they wouldn’t use to work

Hawthorne -mostly meant to improve heart health, hawthorne berry does not actually promote weight loss.

L-carnitine -a good fatty acid, it does not promote weight loss.

Decaffeinated green tea -yes green tea is full of antioxidants and fat burning benefits. But it burns fat due to the caffeine content. Without caffeine, those benefits are negated.

Side effects of Solo Slim

Solo Slim side effects typically include insomnia, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting, headache, loss of appetite, kidney damage, reduced blood circulation to the heart, heart attack, stroke, raised blood pressure, and increased heart rate.

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