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Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced Review

Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced
Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced has been making a real splash around the diet pill community. If the reports are true, this diet pill is formulated to promote healthy appetite suppression and increase lean muscle mass at the same time It’s supposed to make the slimming process easier than it has ever been before. We’ve also heard that Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced has been proven to offer other benefits as well, as evidenced by the results of multiple clinical studies and trials. But even though there’s so much hype, could it really work?

How Does Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced Work?

Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced has a decent blend of potentially effective ingredients. After examining them, we’ve concluded that this product does encompass a couple of clinically proven approaches. Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced offers a well known appetite suppressant called glucomannan and an ingredient called lepticore, a newer approach that has been showing promise against weight gain in early testing. But unfortunately, Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced does not contain the clinically proven amounts of either of them. Without that, even good ingredients become worthless and are unable to provide any benefits. Besides those two components, most of the other ingredients aren’t even associated with weight loss.

Lepticore-In January of 2010, the first major study was published and accepted concerning Lepticore. It showed that Lepticore can promote significant reductions in waist circumference, hip circumference, fat, weight, blood plasma levels, serotonin, leptin, and more. When used in doses of just 300mg or more twice daily, Lepticore can demonstrate potentially effective results. Many have continued to conduct more studies. Recent results show it can also support healthy cardiovascular function, promote weight loss, boost metabolism, fight the common signs of aging, control hunger, and help you to feel full longer. Too bad Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced couldn’t get the dosage right.

Phase 2-An all natural carb blocker, Phase 2 is a patented form of phaseolus vulgaris. This ingredient can help you complement and maximize the effects of a low carb diet. However, you will find that it requires around 1000mg to be effective and it only works in specific combination with a low carb diet.

Carnipure-A patented form of l-carnitine, this ingredient has been specifically developed to offer several benefits including infant nutrition, weight management, cardiovascular health, brain wellness, sports nutrition, healthy aging, and more. But none of this has ever actually been proven, especially in relation to weight loss or weight management results.

Konjac glucomannnan-An all natural appetite suppressant, glucomannan works by expanding once inside the stomach, helping you feel more full. Glucomannan therefore helps you lose weight through appetite suppression. However, it requires about 1000mg or more per does to create the desired effect, a dosage Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced doesn’t have.

EGCG’s-The natural and major antioxidants found in green tea, EGCG’s claim to kill off harmful free radicals, strengthen the skin, lower cholesterol, and improve health as a whole. But unfortunately, you will find that it is actually the caffeine content in green tea, not the EGCG’s or other antioxidants, that promotes fat burning and weight loss results.

Lotus leaf extract-Classified as a natural astringent, lotus leaf extract benefits the spleen, kidney, and heart. It has been used to address problems with diarrhea and restlessness, but it has never been shown to promote weight loss.

Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced Side Effects

Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced side effects can include headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, indigestion, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, facial flushing, insomnia, headache, drowsiness, dry mouth, and an elevated heartbeat.

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