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Slimbionic 99 Review

Slimbionic 99
The only reference I have for is that it comes from the brand behind a product called Slimbionic Slimming Tea. If you look at my review on Slimbionic 99 Slimbionic Slimming Tea, you will see that the Slimbionic tea turned out to be a total flop. That’s not to say that Slimbionic 99 is automatically going to fail. But the history behind Slimbionic 99 certainly makes you wonder.

How Does Slimbionic 99 Work?

Slimbionic 99 uses a blend of ingredients that has now established a pattern. Slimbionic blends use 2 active ingredients, garcinia cambogia and in this case caralluma fimbriata. The rest of the ingredients have nothing to do with weight loss, and Slimbionic has a tendency to list preservatives as active ingredients. Slimbionic 99 uses a proprietary blend, which his pretty common for just about any blend. But it doesn’t mean that it’s okay. It just means that most companies do it.

Caralluma fimbriata – One of two clinically proven ingredients in Slimbionic 99, caralluma fimbriata works to suppress appetite and some would say to build lean muscle mass.

Garcinia cambogia – Garcinia cambogia is a stimulant free alternative that can burn fat and improve body composition while also lowering cholesterol.

Glycrrhizin – This is basically a filler. It has been used as a preservative in a lot of foods and pills. But most don’t list it among the active ingredients.

Alpha lipoic acid – Alpha lipoic acid is a natural antioxidant that has been used to eliminate free radicals and improve heart and overall health. But it does not promote weight loss.

L-carnitine – L-carnitine has been said by some to burn fat. But it is actually a good fatty acid good for health. It does not actually promote weight loss.

Bioperine – Bioperine works to improve the absorption of other nutrients. It is not a weight loss supplement in and of itself.

Beta Sitosterol – Beta sitosterol has been used by some to improve hair growth in men, and it’s said to be good for the heart. But it doesn’t promote weight loss.

Slimbionic 99 Side Effects

Slimbionic 99 has a blend of ingredients that is pretty healthy, at least for the most part. And most of the ingredients don’t have common side effects. The preservative in Slimbionic 99 might cause some stomach upset. But that’s about all as far as I know. It could cause an allergic reaction, anything could. But it’s mostly safe.

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