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Slender Shaper Review

Slender Shaper
Though not a diet pill, we thought we’d highlight the Slender Shaper anyway. It’s actually an “exercise belt” that is supposed to shake your body to the point that it burns fat and sculpts muscle. Products like these have been around for years but they keep touting themselves as revolutionary. But even though systems like this one have been proven ineffective in the past, companies are still making them. Which means people are still buying them. So if you’re looking into the Slender Shaper or any similar product, we would like to take this opportunity to warn you. Don’t buy it!

How Does Slender Shaper Work?

The heading above should actually say, “How the Slender Shaper Doesn’t Work.” The theory behind it (or the lie behind it if you ask us,) is that the belt massages the muscles to reduce tension while at the same time burning fat and building muscle without exercise. If that were true, this product would have to violate the very laws of nature to work. Muscles don’t breakdown or rebuild if you don’t use them yourself. Plain and simple.

The technology this product uses has been disproven on multiple occasions. Medical and exercise professionals alike agree that products like The Slender Shaper will not promote the muscle contraction necessary to build more muscle or burn fat. Nothing but cardio workouts is going to burn fat like they claim and you can’t get cardio from a machine. We cannot recommend this product. The only part of you that will lose weight will be your wallet. It’s completely and utterly ineffective.

Our guess is that you’ll probably burn more calories laughing at the Slender Shaper’s commercial than you will from using it. Their infomercial has to be the worst ad I’ve ever seen. It stars a bunch of eye-candy women who can’t act to save their lives, talking to the camera, spouting off lines they just first saw ten minutes ago. And then randomly, it stars this husky german guy who looks like he’s had a few too many bratwursts. He’s definitely not the face I would want my weight loss company to have.

Slender Shaper Side Effects

Using it might make you feel stupid.

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