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Abdominal Cuts GREEN Review

Abdominal Cuts GREEN
“All-natural” and “organic” labeled products have a nice ring to them these days. It seems like everyone is looking for safer solutions to weight loss. Fulfilling this demand is a product called Revolution Labs Abdominal Cuts GREEN. Supposedly formulated to target stubborn fat cells near the butt, thighs, and other trouble spots, this product is also completely non-toxic and stimulant free.

While those results sound refreshing and we’re always looking for more healthy alternatives for our readers, many times claims like these are never substantiated. Though stimulants sound bad, they are actually effective for burning fat. Could a treatment without any stimulants really be as effective as Abdominal Cuts GREEN promises to be?

How Does Revolution Labs Abdominal Cuts GREEN Work?

Revolution Labs Abdominal Cuts GREEN does have some healthy ingredients such as CLA, ALA, and GLA. All of these ingredients have certain cholesterol related and healthy antioxidant benefits. But are they included in clinically tested dosages to actually produce results? Unfortunately, their label doesn’t tell you. But the real problem with Abdominal Cuts GREEN is even with correct concentrations, the ingredients they use are marginally effective at best. To get those slight benefits (3 extra pounds in a year for the lucky) from these amino acids, you have to use extreme amounts up to 4500mg. That’s an amount we’ve never seen in any product we’ve reviewed.

While, yes, this product is completely organic and safe, it’s also completely worthless. Though it’s thrown around as such, the word “organic” isn’t the magic word to weight loss. In the end, we cannot recommend this product when there are just so many better alternatives out there.

Vitamin E- Vitamin E is a natural and essential vitamin that can give you certain antioxidant benefits. But these benefits only really improve skin conditions. This vitamin has never been recognized for any weight loss results.

Organic Safflower Oil- Rich in CLA, this ingredient could promote possible promote some fat burning effects given enough time.

CLA- This ingredient could promote some fat burning effects were you to use at least 4500mg (an amount this product probably doesn’t have). But even then, it might only help you to lose an extra 2-3 pounds per year.

ALA- A natural antioxidant commonly used to promote healthy skin and memory, this ingredient doesn’t actually affect weight loss.

GLA- GLA is a good fatty acid that has been known to contribute to greater heart health and while that’ great and all it doesn’t promote any weight loss results.

Fucoxanthin- Though proven to burn fat in studies on rats, this ingredient has never been clinically proven to provide weight loss results in humans.

Organic Sesame Seed Oil- Being rich in sesamin, some have claimed this ingredient will promote greater fat burning and fat loss results. But for many, it requires rather significant amounts.

Organic Grape Seed Oil- Known to be rich in powerful antioxidants, this oil has been associated with multiple benefits. Unfortunately, it does not promote weight loss results.

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