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Revivatox Total Body Cleanse Review

Revivatox Total Body Cleanse
Revivatox Total Body Cleanse is the ultimate cleansing formula meant to help you to finally get all of the results that you want. They claim that Revivatox Total Body Cleanse will finally help you to eliminate toxins, increase energy, increase natural metabolism, eliminate cravings, and get various other results in general. But does Revivatox Total Body Cleanse actually work or is it just another waste of time and energy in general?

So how does Revivatox Total Body Cleanse work?
Revivatox Total Body Cleanse has some interesting ingredients. It has some ingredients meant to compliment a good detoxifying formula, and ultimately speaking, they don’t actually have the right amounts of those. But the more important part is that they do not actually give you a valid basic cleansing formula. So these ingredients are used in lieu of the primary ingredients that really should be there.

Beet Root-a natural vegetable rich in vitamins and fibers, this does not promote cleansing or weight loss. It is more of a complimentary ingredient if you already have a strong formula.

Suma Root-often called Brazilian ginseng, this has been used to increase resistance to stress and boost overall function. However, it has never really been associated with weight loss.

Pau D’Arco Bark-a natural herb derived from the inner bark of the tabebuia tree, it has been known to be used by the Incas and Aztecs. It has been proven healthy in general, and it’s been used for everything from pneumonia to stomach ulcers. However, it has not really been used for weight loss

Fennel Seed-helps to promote a healthier GI tract and regularity as a natural fiber

Eleuthro Root-not a true ginseng at all, eleuthero does not have the classic ginsenosides. However, it can still promote a potential fat burning effect and energy if used in the right amounts.

Yerba Mate-used as a natural Brazilian energy supplement, it is not effective in promoting weight loss without both guarana and damiana.

Cascara Sagrada-commonly used to address constipation, this is a mild and effective treatment thereof. It has been used for bowel cleansing to some degree.

Burdock Root-it works as a diuretic, a diaphoretic, and a blood purifying agent

Slippery Elm Bark-it has been used for healing wounds, boils, ulcers, burns, and skin inflammation. It has been used orally for coughs, sore throats, diarrhea, and stomach problems.

Dandelion Root-a natural detoxifier, if used on its own, it is generally nothing more than a diuretic, which can be harmful rather than helpful. But if used correctly in combination with the right cleaners in general, it can have a healthy detoxifying effect on the body.

Apple Pectin-a soluble fiber that has been shown to bind bile acids and promote their excretion

Acai-though featured on various news stations and otherwise, it is not actually the most powerful superfruit at all or even among them. It is lower in antioxidants than something as basic as a blueberry. But it’s from Brazil. It definitely does not promote cleansing or weight loss benefits.

Black Walnut Hull-known to fight intestinal parasites, this has become a relatively common ingredient in many cleanses.

Fenugreek Seed-commonly used to control blood sugar and therefore control cravings, this does not actually promote substantial weight loss

Aloe Leaf-a natural and effective digestive aid that promotes healing within the stomach as well as in the skin

Black Raddish-a natural vegetable rich in vitamins and fibers, this does not promote cleansing or weight loss. It is more of a complimentary ingredient if you already have a strong formula.

Marshmallow Root-known to soothe the stomach, this does not promote weight loss. However, with a good cleansing formula, it can be useful.

Red Clover-a blood purifier, it also promotes healthier and brighter skin

Revivatox Total Body Cleanse Side Effects
Revivatox Total Body Cleanse side effects include headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, and an elevated heartbeat.

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