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Purisalv Review

Remember chia pets? Well now apparently you’re supposed to eat them. Not the pets but the seeds. Recently, there has been a lot of hype in the dietary supplement circle about Chia seeds. Purisalv, a weight loss supplement that uses chia seed as its main ingredients, has come onto the scene. It promises not only to be a “super food” but a weight loss and health supplement as well. Purisalv promises to increase your metabolism so you can better burn fat while also building lean muscle mass. Its also supposed to enable you to overcome your body’s natural tendencies by suppressing your appetite and breaking your habits to overeat and binge. By helping you controlling cravings, Purisalv should improve long term results and help you change your eating habits completely. That is a lot to brag about for some seeds. If there was any chance it could work, we wanted to know.

How Does It Work?

The only ingredient to review with Purisalv was Chia Seed. That’s all it uses. Could these seeds, all by themselves, really produce the results Purisalv promised? We can’t argue that the seeds are nutritious. Our research showed them to contain more antioxidants than blueberries, more calcium than whole milk, and more iron than spinach. While that’s all great, this nutrition does not equal weight loss. They don’t deter it, but they do not encourage fat burning, muscle building, or anything of the sort.

Side Effects

Since it only contains a blend Chia Seed Purisalv has no common side effects. As always, if you’re allergic you shouldn’t try it.


In the end, Purisalv’s claims to help burn fat are unsubstantiated. Again we don’t dispute the fact that Chia Seeds are good for you, but we feel they are being marketed misleadingly as a cure-all solution. If you are looking for something designed and formulated specifically to target fat, we would definitely recommend finding something else.

Purisalv, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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4 Reviews on Purisalv

Product Reviewed: Purisalv

I did the drops from prohcgdiet.com and lost 16 punods on the diet in 24 days. Its now been 3 months since I did this diet and and I have not gained a pound since I went off of it. I have tried so many diets and this is a diet that I can really say was fun. Its so great to wake up every morning and see how much weight you have lost. My and my mom and sister all took the drops from Pro Hcg Diet which had good instructions and a great menu book too. Some girls from the office did the injections and lost about the same as I did so unless your into pain, get drops!Good Luck!

Product Reviewed: Purisalv

This is a very thick drink and I used only 1 tbsp. I felt I had to partially chew the seeds before swalling a mouthful. I don’t know if this is what caused my diahria the following day that lasted for two days or not. But I’m afraid of taking more! I will return this product.

Name: Angela Mancuso
Product Reviewed: Purisalv

I agree with the above comments. I have tried Purisalv and have found that I feel hungry after taking it. I have not lost any weight, in fact I gained a couple of pounds. I’m sending it back for a refund.

Product Reviewed: Purisalv

This product, so far, is actually making me feel more hungry! It’s only been a few days, but I haven’t noticed any positive results as far as more energy, less appetite, etc., as it claims. The seeds have no taste and are easy to drink, but if you want to feel more full before a meal you can just drink water instead….and that’s free! I think I will be sending this product back for a refund, (minus shipping, of course)! I don’t recommend this product for weight loss – maybe for nutritional suppliment it would be ok.

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