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Proxylean Review

Proxylean is meant to give you greater benefits in terms of weight loss. They claim it will burn more fat, suppress appetite, and otherwise provide all the results you are looking for. However, they fail to explain exactly how that is supposed to happen. Still, they provide 4 blends they claim are extremely powerful. And of course, they talk about more fat burning, appetite suppression, and just about everything else. So does Proxylean actually work?

How Does Proxylean Work?

Proxylean is supposed to promote a thermogenic effect in the body while also suppressing the appetite. But you can look at the amounts used and the formula or rather lack thereof and judge for yourself. It would be literally incapable of promoting the results they talk about. they have one total ingredient. And realistically speaking, it requires about 1000mg or more to work. They definitely don’t have this amount, and you should never rely on a one trick pony anyway. With this formula, you do not even begin to get something that would measure up to standards. It may be stimulant free. But that’s about all that they have going for them in the end. And frankly, we would not be surprised if they were hiding fillers or other ingredients that are unrelated to weight loss. But they can still cause some side effects.

Caralluma fimbriata-a natural fat burner used in Ayurvedic medicine, this is common. But it requires over 1000mg. So there are not many companies that will accomplish this particular goal.

Proxylean Side Effects

Proxylean does not have any common side effects.

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