Preventing Muscle Cramps

preventing muscle cramps

Working out can be a test of endurance: man against the machine. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full time body builder, getting the necessary exercise is essential for building muscle and burning fat. However, muscle cramps can put a dent in your workout routine, leaving you limping in agony rather than going for gold.

Too keep you performing at your peak, it’s important to work with your body rather than against it. By exercising a little prevention before exercising your body, you can keep muscle pain to a minimum and even improve flexibility.

Tips to Prevent Muscle Cramps

1. Breathe Deep – While you are stretching, be sure to take deep breaths. Oxygen is essential for keeping your muscles healthy.

2. Warm up – Ease into exercise. Begin with light cardio to warm up your muscles then gradually increase your intensity. Too much too fast will put your muscles into shock, causing painful muscle cramps.

3. Avoid Eating Large Meals – Eating large meals before an intense workout directs blood flow away from your digestive system toward your muscles. The resulting stress can cause nausea and muscle cramping.

preventing muscle cramps4. Stay hydrated – Water is a natural lubricant, and your muscles are approximately 80% water. The more you exercise the more water you lose via sweat. Keep drinking to keep the cramps at bay. Additionally staying hydrated can keep electrolytes in balance.

5. Feed your muscles – If you’re not getting the right nutrition, your muscles won’t be able to keep up with the demand. Muscles need a balance proteins, sodium, and carbohydrates to keep strong. A pre workout drink is recommended before any sport or workout.

6. Maintain flexibility – Stretching before exercise can help working your muscles while improving flexibility. A muscle that can move freely is less likely to cramp up.

Cramped Up?

Although there are many triggers for muscle cramps, there are also many tips for helping the muscle to relax. Rather than grimacing in pain, clutching the protesting muscle, take a deep breath and sit down. Gently stretch the area but not too far- just until you feel the pull but not the pain. These specific stretches may help you get your muscles moving again and can help keep you from cramping up in the future.

Additionally, you can gently massage the inflicted area, encouraging the muscle to relax and return to its normal state. Baby it afterwards, alternating between ice and heat to encourage blood flow and circulation to the muscle.

Stay Fit

secratatropin HGHA combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise can help keep muscles strong. Knowing your limits and working with your body rather than against it can prevent serious injury during even the most intense workouts.

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