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Phentermine Review

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant also known as Ionamin. It belongs in a class of drugs named anorexiants, and is a prescription drug used in cases where patients have not responded to appropriate diet and exercise routines. Phentermine is the most popular weight management prescription medication available. Acting as a stimulant, it helps suppress your appetite so you eat less. When used for short periods of time, it can jump start your weight loss efforts. But with Phentermine, its results only last so long before your body builds a tolerance toward. Once this tolerance is achieved, the drug no longer works and many people gain back the pounds it helped them lose. Also, since phentermine is a controlled substance, it has been known to cause several unwanted side effects. Thought sometimes effective, is Phentermine really worth the risk?

How Does The Phentermine Work?

As all amphetamines, Phentermine works by stimulating your central nervous system and affecting your neurotransmitters to reduce your appetite. But again like all amphetamines, Phentermine increases your body’s heart rate and blood pressure. While this does provide you with more energy while suppressing your appetite, it only works for a few weeks. Once it stops being effective, people go on breaks, waiting for their immunity of the drug to dissipate. Once it has gone away, they try it again but usually after they have gained all the weight from the first round back. And even taken as directed Phentermine has been known to cause severe side effects. Except for the most extreme cases, we cannot recommend trying Phentermine.

Phentermine Side Effects

Phentermine is habit-forming and is often qualified as addictive by doctors. Usage should be limited to only a few weeks. Users should speak to their doctors about any side effects that occur such as hallucinations or confused behavior, allergic reaction (typically swelling of the lips, tongue or throat), High blood pressure or irregular heartbeat, restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, dry mouth, and diarrhea.

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