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P90X Review

Originally known for its large advertising schemes and its claim to transform your body in 90 days, P90X has claimed that its creators were actually overweight before, and they used the program to really get in shape. They claim that you could be in the best shape of your life, even if you are in your 50’s or 60’s or otherwise think there is no hope for you. It has been one of the most popular workout plans on the market. And with P90X, you really do get one of the most popularly known weight loss options available. But does popularly equal out to effectiveness?

How Does P90X Work?

P90X basically changes up your schedule. They use hardcore methods often leaving consumers sore and aching, and it never actually stays the same. Every day, the workout plan changes. This is a good idea of course. The problem is that they don’t actually provide you a long term plan. Yes, you will lose weight as you work out and during those 90 days. But once you get past that 90 days, you could very easily fall back into your old habits and they don’t really give you a way to maintain. And frankly speaking, were you to theoretically repeat the program, you would gain weight, because obviously, your workouts would be digressing at best! So while it may provide quick results, the problem is that P90X will not provide lasting results!

P90X Side Effects

Some who have used similar hardcore workouts have been hospitalized with skeletal breakdown called rhabdomylosis. However, most do not suffer this severe a problem.

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