Nutrex T-UP Black Review

Nutrex T-UP Black
Nutrex T-UP Black is a testosterone booster brought to you by the guys who made the Lipo 6 line. The product was engineered and designed to supposedly boost testosterone levels by 50% in just 12 days. Higher testosterone levels are benneficial to men’s health because it helps improve sex drive, increases lean muscle mass, and heightens natural metabolism. Though a 50% increase sounds great, we remained skeptical. We’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but if Nutrex T-UP Black is anything like the Lipo 6 line, we can’t expect much. Nutrex has had a rather abysmal track record so far. So is Nutrex T-UP Black the product to redeem this brand? Or is it just another nail in the coffin?

How Does Nutrex T-UP Black Work?

How does it work? Well, it actually doesn’t. Nutrex T-UP Black has several ingredients with no results. Looking over them, we fail to see how they are going to boost testosterone by 50%. While Nutrex T-UP Black does contain vitamins and aphrodisiacs, it contains ZERO proven fat burners, testosterone boosters, or muscle builders. It’s a complete bust. If you are looking for testosterone boosters, always make sure the product includes ingredients like ZMA, Tribulus terrestris, or Eurycoma longifolia. These are all proven to block estrogen, boost testosterone, and build muscle mass. Nutrex T-UP Black contains none! We can in no way recommend this product.

Sodium D-aspartic acid- This natural electrolyte can help you replenish those electrolytes lost through sweating during workouts. Though you’d get the same amount as drinking a bottle of Gatorade. This ingredient may offer some benefits but increased weight loss, improved workouts, increased muscle building, or testosterone boosting is not among them.

Massularia acuminate- This ingredient was tested for possible testosterone boosting properties but the study’s results showed that massularia acuminate only works as a natural aphrodisiac. It had no effect on testosterone levels, however.

Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, and Vitamin B12- These natural B vitamins can boost energy, accelerate the healing of wounds, and improve overall health. They are all absolutely essential to the functioning of the body, but none promotes weight loss results.

Nutrex T-UP Black Side Effects

Nutrex T-UP Black is not likely to cause side effects.

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