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Neopil Caps Review

Neopil Caps
I like simple products, and Neopil Caps is the perfect example of “Simple R Us.” They have a select few claims to fame:

”All our products come from Mother Nature for your health”
”Neopil caps and Neopil Plus Caps at affordable prices in the USA”
”Live Healthfully”
”_____ lost 9 kg!”
You can eliminate cellulite fast

These are all basic examples of what Neopil Caps would like you to believe, and it’s not entirely unreasonable. I can safely say that you’re not going to get rid of cellulite with a pill. But healthy, natural weight loss, I expect every diet pill to do that!

How Does Neopil Caps Work?

The problem is that none of this is true! Neopil Caps is the only diet pill, I would say stupid enough, to use a blend of Mexican herbs to promote fantastic and revolutionary weight loss results. I’ve never seen any “Mexican herb” that burns fat, suppresses appetite, or even controls cravings to promote weight loss. The thought crossed my mind that maybe Latin American bodies respond a little differently to these herbs. But there would be at least one legitimate clinical study to back it up were that true.

White horehound – Most popularly found in old Western candies, white horehound can be quite effective in soothing digestive upset, sore throats, and inflammation. But weight loss is not a real possibility.

Tepozan – Found exclusively in Mexico, there’s really no information about how Tepozan works. Some suggest it can be a powerful antibacterial, but that’s about it.

Papaya seed – You recognize this! It’s a fruit you find in the grocery store, right? Right. It’s rich in healthy vitamins and minerals, and it even has anti-parasitic properties. But if you were to eat more fruits and vegetables (such as papaya), you would be more likely to actually lose weight. Changing your diet is one thing. Trying to put fruits into a pill is another.

Tejocote leaves – A cousin to the common crabapple, this is most commonly used to stop diarrhea, and it works as a mild diuretic. But it doesn’t really promote weight loss.

Neopil Caps Side Effects

Neopil Caps is unlikely to cause serious side effects or other problems.

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