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MoyoBerry Review

MoyoBerry claims that if you are looking to lose weight quick and effectively, you should look into their “rare African herb.” They even say you could specifically lose 28 pounds in 10 weeks, which is about 2.8 pounds per week, around what you should lose with diet and exercise, and of course celebrities have used this to achieve their “amazing” results. They even name specifics such as Janet Jackson and Jessica Simpson.

How Does MoyoBerry Work?

MoyoBerry depends on an ingredient known as Irvingia extract. It comes from the African mango, when most would have assumed they were talking about hoodia. Hoodia keep in mind has not been proven. But this ingredient has never been featured and nobody has really heard of it at all.The good news however is that you should never rely on the news for real information! Irvingia gabonesis, through largely unrecognized, has been through successful human studies in weight loss! The problem is that it requires about 1500mg 3 times per day that they don’t have.

Irvingia extract -coming from the African mango, irvingia extract has been tested on body weight and blood lipids in Cameroon. So far there has only been one study to show success, but they suggest that after one month, the body fat was not significantly reduced, but the waist circumference was. This could be related more to water weight.

Gelatin -a filler/preservative that keeps gel caps in place

Magnesium -a filler/preservative

Stearalte -a filler/preservative

Rice flour -a filler/preservative

Stearic acid -a filler/preservative

MoyoBerry Side Effects

As far as we can tell, there are really no side effects associated with MoyoBerry unless of course you are allergic to one of the ingredients.

MoyoBerry, 1.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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