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Meratol Review

Meratol is a pretty small time product selling in the UK. It keeps it pretty boring, but realistic, describing a formula that burns fat, increases metabolism, blocks carbs, and suppresses appetite. And all of this supposedly helps you to lose 3 to 5 pounds per week. It sounds good, right? And while it may not be flashy and the Meratol site may not be black, red, and intimidating, I actually think this may be a good thing.

How Does Meratol Work?

The advertising is not exactly flashy. But it’s not honest either, which is what I was actually hoping for when I saw this very basic site. Meratol has just 4 basic ingredients that aren’t exactly ingredients. ”Cactus” for one could be a million different things! I don’t know if Meratol is talking about hoodia or caralluma fimbriata or something else entirely!

There is a chance that Meratol uses revolutionary ingredients and just got REALLY bad advertising advice. But the chances are slim to none. Products like Meratol do stuff like this to avoid telling you the truth.

Prickly pear – Prickly pear describes a group of ingredients called Opuntia. There is one type of Opuntia that can block fat. But realistically, Meratol probably does not use that particular form.

Brown seaweed extract – Brown seaweed again is a group of ingredients. Kelp and fucoxanthin can burn fat without using any stimulants. But the chances of Meratol using either of these ingredients instead of something else is not there.

Cactus extract – There are several different cacti that have been popularly used in many diet pills. Caralluma fimbriata is the only one that actually burns fat. But those like hoodia have been clinically proven not to do anything. Convenient isn’t it that Meratol does not specify which cactus.

Capsicum extract – Capsicum extract is actually the only ingredient clinically proven to burn fat. It works without stimulants, creating a thermogenic effect with the spicy taste.

Meratol Side Effects

Because of the capsicum, this could cause heartburn or indigestion. And if you assume that Meratol uses hoodia, it could cause liver failure. But then again, there’s no way of really telling what’s in Meratol and what is not. So there’s no way of saying for sure what the side effects might be.

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