Maximize Fat Burning Results

The ultimate way to burn fat is not to be monotonous, but to mix it up a little, to help yourself to ultimately speaking burn fat. There are various ways to do this of course. But naturally, being that most of us aren’t seeing the results we want, most of us have not actually figured these things out. So here are a few tips to improving workouts for yourself.

  1. Carry weights-yes, small weights, even just 2-5 pounds make a difference. It’s a small amount of resistance, and it helps to burn more calories as you are doing the workouts you were already doing anyway.
  2. Randomly run faster-you may be running already, you may be walking. But in small intervals, once every few minutes or so, just randomly increase your speed. This will help you to burn more calories and throw your body off so it doesn’t get into more monotonous and lower calorie burning in general.
  3. Do several small workouts throughout the day-I’m talking short like 15-30 minutes. You end up exercising more throughout the day, and in those short amounts, you ultimately end up burning off more fat.
  4. Exercise on an empty stomach-yes you could burn off fat calories from food. But exercising on an empty stomach gets your day started, and it doesn’t have to burn off the food calories to get to the fat calories
  5. Monitor your heart rate-you have an ideal heart rate to burn fat and lose more weight. So monitor your heart rate and figure out if you are actually reaching that level.

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