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New from XPI is an advanced weight loss system called Liponox. Packed with tons of ingredients, we’re being told that Liponox has the capacity to help takers lose 5 to 8 pounds a week. XPI is even guaranteeing that you will lose 30 pounds in 30 days. While we’ve always been impressed with XPI product offering, we’re not exactly sure if we can buy that claim just yet. Though we have to admit, XPI has never let us down in the past. Could this product really be as effective as they say?

How Does Liponox Work?

The fastest way to see if a supplement works is by going first to its ingredients and dissecting them one at a time. Unfortunately, Liponox has well over 100. To save you and us some time, we decided to highlight some of the key ingredients to help you get an overall sense of what Liponox can accomplish.

Advantra Z- This potent fat burner has been proven to help the body metabolize and burn away more fat and calories than otherwise possible by accelerating your metabolism and sparking thermogensis.

FucoPure- This patented form of seaweed and algae extract has been clinically proven to help boost metabolic rate and even increase fat burning proteins in the abdomen.

Super Citrimax- This Garcinia combogia fruit extract derivative has been shown inhibit fat production, maintain weight loss, and lower BMI. Super Citrimax works by blocking enzymes that convert carbohydrates into fat.

Forslean- This patented derivative of Coleus forskohlii has been proven to utilize fat stores to fuel the synthesis and growth of new lean muscle tissue improving you body composition and metabolism overall.

Liponox Side Effects

Liponox contains no stimulants or harmful additives. Unless you’re allergic to one of its ingredients, this product is completely safe.


With such an exhaustive and impressive list of ingredients, we have to congratulate XPI for designing a superior product like Liponox. At first we were doubtful, but after thorough analysis and research we’ve found Liponox to pack a real whallop in the fight against fat. It’s complex blend of ingredients ensures that you’ll lose weight. With so many approaches to the problem, you can expect incredible results. Liponox has our full endorsement.

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Have you used Liponox? Click Here to share your experience with others.

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