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Linée Review

What is your biggest struggle when you go on a diet? You always feel hungry, am I right? Most people do. You’re certainly not alone. That hunger is actually the #1 cause of diet failure. A lot of diets ask you to cut calories. But most diets don’t give you a way to deal with the hunger that comes with serious dieting. That’s where Linée comes in.

According to the Linée website, Linée is the ultimate appetite suppressant based on the power of something called Pi2, which supposedly works to control a hormone called CCK. CCK helps you to tell your body that you are full, triggering a satiety response.

The Problem

The only problem is that this is all bull! Yes, CCK is real, and yes, technically the potato protein Pi2 is real. But the clinical study that “proves” that Pi2 works is not. That study has never actually been published, and not surprisingly, Linée only uses 150mg of potato protein. Most require about 10X that!

Is Linée Safe?

The one good thing and the thing that may continue to pull consumers into the Linée web is the fact that Linée is basically safe. The only ingredient I know of has never been shown to be toxic, and how much safer can you get? Linée comes from potatoes.

Linée Conclusion

Linée brags about being a powerful and effective appetite suppressant, which isn’t as hard to do as you might think. But all facts considered, Linée is another failure that doesn’t actually help you to get anything done.

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