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QuickTrim has quickly risen to fame on the back (or should we say backside) of TV star, Kim Kardashian. Story goes that she used QuickTrim after being slammed by another celebrity starlet for her unsightly cellulite. She swears that QuickTrim helped her eliminate fat and get rid of that cellulite but we wonder if she’s just reading a cue card. Has anyone else noticed that Kim Kardashian has not gained or lost any significant amounts of weight since becoming a major celebrity? She’s always been on the lean side anyway. It was her body that got her famous in the first place. There was no “total body transformation” that propelled her stardom. And frankly, we find it quite insensitive that she is the face of QuickTrim when she’s never had the kind of weight problems many of us do. Listening to her talk about her “struggle” with weight loss makes us want to spit. It’s offensive toward women everywhere who’ve really been battling fat and cellulite their whole lives.

Kim Kardashian is the face of QuickTrim because she’s a celebrity and nothing more. It’s not because she’s really lost weight or redefined her curves. It’s because her face sells products not because she’s never succeeded in achieving serious weight loss with any weight loss pill. However, QuickTrim claims she lost 15 pounds in a few short weeks. But the only thing to prove it were photoshopped pictures and doctored photos.

After doing a little research, I found that there are several different QuickTrim products including QuickTrim Burn & Clenase, Iso-Flush, Fast Cleanse, Extreme Burn, and others. Reviewing each of them, I found that they’re not all as bad as I would have thought. They do contain some clinically proven ingredients that do produce some results. But their formulas aren’t anything better than other products on the market. With average or mediocre results, why are you paying so much more for QuickTrim than other pills on there? I think I know why. Rumor has it that Quick Trim pays Kim Kardashian $50K every time she posts a blog mentioning them! Can you can guess who is really paying for that? YOU ARE!

The good news is that there are other alternatives, alternatives that give you better results at much better prices. One such option is the product, LipoQuick Maximum Burn. We’ve reviewed and analyzed this product quite extensively and we can tell you, it’s blown QuickTrim out of the water. LipoQuick Maximum Burn gives you the powerful and effective formula that will help you tone your entire body, ignite your metabolism, burn calories 4 times faster, boost energy levels, and maximize every workout for the best results possible! With LipoQuick Maximum Burn, you will get a more powerful formula than you will find in any Quick Trim product, and you will get a better value, because LipoQuick doesn’t have to pay $50K every time Kim Kardashian makes a blog post.

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