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Iodine Plus-2 Review

Iodine Plus-2
The thyroid is responsible for regulating all sorts of hormones in the body. It’s a well known fact that a common symptom of an under-active thyroid is significant weight gain. Once a the thyroid gland is nursed back to health, it helps the body manage fat absorption and stem weight gain. These principles are the underpinning of Iodine Plus-2’s relatively unique approach to weight loss. Iodine Plus-2 is meant to supply the thyroid gland with nutrients to optimize its health and maximize it’s ability to block weight gain. Since we don’t see too many thyroid related diet pills, we thought we’d give Iodine Plus-2 a closer look.

How Does Iodine Plus-2 Work?

Iodine Plus-2 is a blend of all-natural ingredients. As it should, this product contains both iodine and selenium, two nutrients the thyroid needs to correctly function. which are good for the thyroid. But unfortunately, most people already get enough of these ingredients from table salt. Iodine and selenium only make a difference in thyroids already affected by iodine-deficient hypothyroidism. Those with healthy thyroids should avoid using this product since taking in additional iodine and selenium might lead unsafe levels of those ingredients within the body. When you add it all up, Iodine Plus-2 is risky and ineffective. We cannot recommend this product.

Iodine- Iodine is found in many different supplements. When you use iodine, you will find that it can help improve the health of the skin, hair, and nails. But it does not improve metabolism and it does not actually help you to fight serious thyroid disorders. It does not even begin to match up to a prescription.

Selenium- Selenium can be toxic in large amounts, but at lower concentrations, it is essential to the bodily functions of most animals. But in either degree, it does not cause weight loss.

Vitamin B2- Known as riboflavin, vitamin B2 is an essential vitamin that can improve natural energy and blood flow in the body. But it does not actually improve the function nor does it directly lead to weight loss.

Iodine Plus-2 Side Effects

Iodine Plus-2, if used as suggested, could aggravate existing medical disorders causing muscle and joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis problems, weight gain or weight loss, neck discomfort, neck enlargement, hair and skin changes, hair loss, bowel problems and disturbances, menstrual irregularities, loss of fertility, cholesterol issues, depression, anxiety, fatigue, racing heart, constipation, poor growth, jaundice, excessive tiredness, poor performance in school or work, constipation, dry skin, deep and hoarse voice, puffiness around the eyes, irregular menstrual periods or lack thereof, insomnia, hand tremors, nervousness, hot or cold temperatures, excessive sweating, difficulty concentrating, enlarged or popping eyes, chest pain, shortness of breath, and more.

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Product Reviewed: Iodine Plus-2

Diet pills are NOT a good idea. They can have very adverse efetcfs on your body, and if they worked, we’d all be skinny and doctors would hand them out by the bottleful.Green tea is supposed to help kick up your metabolism. Work out on days that you aren’t personal training even just a nice walk. Be strict on your diet. Buy a flattering, aline dress.Not what you want to hear, but you have a little one to look after and the last thing you want to do is risk your health.

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