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Ice Cube Diet Review

Ice Cube Diet
All sorts of crazy diets and diet products keep popping up out there. Even though most are fads and most don’t work, we sometimes get a kick out of reviewing and evaluating them. That’s why we wanted to look into “The Ice Cube Diet.” Some of you may have heard about this product on the news because it’s enjoyed some recent air time. The main ingredient in this diet is a compound called P57, an extract taken from the Hoodia Gordonii cactus. In the past, we’ve seen lots of products us P57 and most of them were ineffective. But with so much hype and buzz could the Ice Cube Diet have found away to make the ingredient actually work?

How Does Ice Cube Diet Work?

P57 is supposed to be a natural appetite suppressant. By sending false signals to the brain, it tricks your body into thinking it’s full. That means you eat less and you have less fat to absorb. This is the basic principle behind all Hoodia Gordonii based diet supplements. It’s also the reason they all don’t work. In every product we’ve ever reviewed Hoodia Gordonii, has never come through. It’s never blocked appetite or resulted in weight loss. Time and time again, P57 has been clinically proven to be completely ineffective. Being that Hoodia Gordonii is the only ingredient we’ve been able to find in the Ice Cube Diet, we have to conclude that this product is a huge bust. We cannot recommend it.

But some of you are wondering how they made it onto the news. Sadly enough, almost any product can make it on the news these days. Ratings for the local news broadcasts are the lowest they have ever been. In an effort to cut costs, time, and labor, news stations are accepting Video News Releases or “VNR’s” from supplement companies every where. A VNR is created when companies hire PR firms that produce little infomercials dressed up as FAKE news stories. The VNR’s are then shipped off to news stations around the country and presented as “real news.” Though it’s deceptive, it’s fairly common. Don’t fall for The Ice Cube Diet’s blatant VNR scheme.

Ice Cube Diet Side Effects

The Ice Cube Diet website lists liver damage as a possible safety risk when using their product.

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