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Hydroxycut Review

Similar to Trimspa, Hydroxycut used to contain ephedrine before this substance was banned by the FDA. The new formulation is generally acknowledged to be safer but less effective. Nevertheless, it is one of the most popular and best-promoted diet pills available. Originally Hydroxycut was a “fat burner”, using the anorectic effects of ephedrine to increase metabolism and burn fat off the body. However, after the scandals concerning ephedrine’s role in heart attacks and strokes amongst its users, the formula was changed to focus more on carb blocking and glucose moderation. But the question really becomes, does this new Hydroxycut actually provide results?

How Does Hydroxycut Work?

The latest formulation contains three major sets of ingredients. These are listed below. The simple reality is that Hydroxycut products do not produce results. 14 major Hydroxycut products were recalled in 2009, and they never really reappeared. There were reports of undisclosed ingredients, renal failure, and other problems, and obviously, they are not particularly likely to change their ways.

Garcinia cambogia-typically requiring about 1500mg, this can produce a certain fat burning and weight loss effect. However, it’s more effective when combined with gymnema sylvestre and chromium.

Glucomannan-a natural appetite suppressant, this can blow up in the stomach when combining a minimum of 1000mg with 8oz of water before 2 major meals per day. It is a completely stimulant free fiber, and it has been recognized to be quite effective in general terms.

Caffeine Anhydrous-a powerful form of caffeine, anhydrous means without water. It has been shown to produce a powerful thermogenic effect in the body if used in the right amounts. However, it also comes with the classic side effects of caffeine.

Yohimbine-it has been used as a sexual stimulant. However, it has never been used as a weight loss supplement in reality, and it can cause serious side effects such as liver damage, kidney damage, heart attack, and stroke

Alpha Lipoic Acid-a natural antioxidant, this has properties that benefit the skin, but not weight loss

Green Tea extract-a thermogenic form of caffeine, it is also rich in antioxidants like EGCG. However, one should keep in mind that it requires at least 400mg of 50% caffeine considering the fact that caffeine is the actual fat burning component

Calcium-an essential nutrient, it is good for bones, teeth, etc. But it does not actually promote weight loss despite what the milk commercials may tell you.

Chromium-meant to control and regulate blood sugar levels to keep them from randomly spiking and then falling, chromium has been used successfully in combination with certain other ingredients to promote weight loss. However, on its own the effect is minor at best. It generally requires about 200mcg.

Potassium-an electrolyte that can be lost in the process, this makes everything a more pleasant experience and gives you nutrients in some ways that you need.

Hydroxycut Side Effects

Reported side effects of Hydroxycut include headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, and an elevated heartbeat.

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