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Hydroxycut Shape Review

Hydroxycut Shape
The Hydroxycut product line has added a newcomer to its weight loss supplement team called. Hydroxycut Shape is a specially designed Hyrdroxycut product intended only for women. The ingredients are all-natural and initial tests have looked positive, but is Hydroxycut Shape really worth investing in? To be honest, we’ve reviewed other Hydroxycut products and we’ve never been blown away. If we had to chose whether or not to use Hydroxycut Shape based on our experiences with other Hydroxycut supplements, we’d have to pass. But we are always willing to try new things. So will Hyrdoxycut Shape help you burn 8x the weight, lose 7x more on the BMI, and distinguish itself as the best supplement of it’s kind? Let’s find out.

How Does Hydroxycut Shape Work?

How does it work? Well it doesn’t. We’re not sure where they’ve been getting their data from but examining the ingredients, we just don’t see how it can have any effect. Hydroxycut Shape has a decent blend of ingredients. Several of them are universally accepted for their fat fighting characteristics. These include caffeine and GYD. But when you look at the dosages, there isn’t high enough concentrations of these ingredients to really trigger the weight loss results they advertise. The rest of the ingredients found in Hydroxycut Shape have nothing to do with weight loss results. It’s really frustrating to be let down by the Hydroxycut brand once again. Hydroxycut Shape is weak at best. We wholeheartedly recommend looking into other products to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Guarana, Yerba mate, and Damiana (GYD)-theses three ingredients are all-natural extracts from Brazil. When combined with one another, GYD can provide weight loss results by slowing the gastric emptying process therefore helping you stay full for longer. This means eating less and having less fat to absorb.

L-carnitine tartrate and L-ornithine HCL-two natural amino acids. While some complicated amino acids can build muscle, burn fat, and use energy more efficiently, these do not.

Lady’s mantle extract-a natural relief for problems with menopause and extreme blood flow, this can reduce cramping and other symptoms of PMS as well. It can help you to treat diarrhea and gastroenteritis, and lady’s mantle extract has been used to address problems with rashes, insect bites, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, and sore throats as well. But where are the weight loss properties?

Wild olive extract-a rich source of nutrients, wild olive extract is rich in vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients. It is especially rich in good fatty acids and natural antioxidants, which work to improve the skin and protect it. But when did we ask for a skincare product.

Wild mint extract-used for a pleasant aroma and good taste in gums, mint has been used to calm upset stomachs and relieve problems like diarrhea. But it has not been used to promote weight loss results.

Gamma-oryzanol-harvested in Japan, this ingredient gives you a mix of plant sterols and ferulic acid esters. It releases the “feel good hormones” known as endorphins to naturally improve mood. It applies here because it helps to boost strength, muscle growth, reduced body fat, and it speeds recovery while while reducing post workout soreness. It has been extremely popular among many bodybuilders. Too bad Hydroxycut’s proprietary blend doesn’t include enough of it.

Caffeine anhydrous-a popular ingredient, caffeine anhydrous has been known for its fat burning benefits. It has been used in multiple supplements such as green tea, theobromine, coffee extract, etc as the main fat burning element. But in any form, it requires about 400mg or more. Hydroxycut Shape’s blend of ingredients is only 383mg altogether. The math just seems really wrong.

Hydroxycut Shape Side Effects

Hydroxycut Shape side effects include headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, and an elevated heartbeat.

Hydroxycut Shape, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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