Hydroxycut Max Advanced Review

Hydroxycut Max Advanced
After seeing side effects like the rapid breakdown of skeletal muscle and liver failure, the FDA warned against using Hydroxycut back in May of 2009. Almost immediately, Hyrdroxycut recalled all of its products. Since then, the company has been launching re-formulated versions of their supplements. These “reformulations” are supposed to be just as effective without all the serious side effects. As much as we’d love to believe that was true, it’s hard to make that leap of faith. Almost every Hydroxycut product we’ve reviewed has fallen short since May 2009. It seems they can’t come up with something safe and effective. But we’re always willing to give a company a second chance. We looked into Hydroxycut Max Advanced to see if this would be the product to redeem this struggling company.

How Does Hydroxycut Max Advanced Work?

After quite a bit of research, we found Hydroxycut Max Advanced to be a very strange mix. In all, it uses two ingredients that have actually been linked to weight loss. The rest are digestive aids, sleep aids, flavors used in rootbeer, and other ingredients that have nothing to do with weight loss. And to make matters worse, the effective ingredients are included in such a small blend it’s unlikely they’ll have any effect whatsoever. In the end, you’ll probably get more side effects than you will weight loss results as is the case with everything Hydroxycut has put out lately. All in all, we were dispointed in Hydroxycut Max Advanced, but we can’t say we were surprised.

Caffeine anhydrous – Essentially caffeine without water, this ingredient is generally known to stimulate thermogenic effects within the body.

White pepper – This ingredient is also able to stimulate a thermogenic effects in the body.

Hawthorn – Though generally used for improved heart health, Hawthorn has no direct application to weight loss.

Opuntia ficus – This species of cactus has been said to contain many of the same properties of hoodia gordonii. Unfortunately, neither hoodia nor opuntia have been proven to do anything when it comes to losing weight.

Red clover – Red clovers are not actually used by angry leprechauns but their results are just as imaginary. Red clover has never been scientifically linked to contribute toward weight loss in any way.

L-leucine – This amino acid has no application to weight loss

Punica granatum oil – This ingredient is actually pomegranate oil. Despite what the vendors might tell you, this “superfruit” has no weight loss potential.

Brown algae extract – While some algae extracts have been proven to help lead to weight loss results, this ingredient has not been. Did Hydroxycut assume we wouldn’t know the difference?

Ashwagandha – Used in East Indian medicine, this aryuvedic herb has not actually been proven to help with weight loss.

Licorice – Though this ingredient can calm an upset stomach in cannot trim a plump belly.

Lavender – Again, another compound completely unrelated to weight loss.

Sarsaparilla – Used in folk medicine, this addition to Hydroxycut Max Advanced’s formula should not be confused with effective ingredients just because ancient civilizations thought it was useful. It is commonly used to flavor rootbeer.

Hyssopus officinalis – Known for its pleasant aroma, hyssop is used for perfumes and colognes. Not weight loss.

Vitis vinifera – Though often used to reduce pain and inflammation of hemorrhoids, this ingredient will not assist in losing weight.

Clove – Though included in several fad diet pills, this ingredient should not be confused with ingredients that actually work.

Tarragon – Tarragon is used as a general spice in your food but not as a weight loss supplement.

Elderberry – Elderberry comes in several different forms that are used to season food but it does not promote weight loss.

Jujube – This addition to the formula is believed to alleviate stress in Chinese and Korean cultures, but not to promote weight loss.

Hydroxycut Max Advanced Side Effects

Hydroxycut Max Advanced side effects include insomnia, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting, headache, loss of appetite, raised blood pressure, and increased heart rate.

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