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Hydroxycut Hardcore X Review

Hydroxycut Hardcore X
We were interested in reviewing Hydroxycut Hardcore X for several reasons. The first being that they’re backed by a long standing company well known in weight loss supplement world for years now. The second was to see if the company could churn out products as effective as the ones they were producing before the FDA’s Ephedrine recall. Since the ban, most of Hydroxycuts products haven’t worked and have continued to cause serious side effects in some cases. One incident reported involved a 19 year old boy who died of liver failure after using one of Hydorxycut’s products. According to the company, Hydroxycut Hardcore X will be the product to snap their streak of recent failures. But with a not so clean track record, will this just be the straw the breaks the camel’s back? We decided to give it a closer look to find out for ourselves.

How Does Hydroxycut Hardcore X Work?

Hydroxycut Hardcore X in theory, is meant to produce thermogenic effects that promote higher metabolism and fat burning. To see if Hydroxycut Hardcore X could really produce those results we broke down each of its ingredients to examine its fat burning potential.

Caffeine anhydrous – Generally known to stimulate thermogenic reactions in the body, Caffeine anhydrous could possibly stimulate some level of weight loss in general if used in the right dosages.

Aminoacetic acid-l-methionine – This organic compound improves gastric absorption of the other ingredients.

Choline bitartrate – This ingredient is usually used to promote lucid dreaming and for its nootropic effects. Why it’s included here is beyond us.

MCT’s – Also known as medium chain triglycerides, early studies have suggested these might promote the burning of calories.

Oleic acid – Why they would list this ingredient is also strange. Oleic acids are not common to weight loss formulas. In fact Oleic acid is one of the only Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLA’s) that has been proven to promote fat loss among good fats.

L-proline – This ingredient is an amino acid, not a weight loss supplement. The reason for its inclusion is unclear.

Betaine HCL – A nonessential nutrient, betaine hydrochloride helps promote adequate digestion but not weight loss.

L-tyrosine – Another amino acid, not a weight loss supplement.

L-leucine – Again an amino acid, not a weight loss supplement.

Trans-ferulic acid – This acid is generally said to have antioxidant benefits. Unfortunately antioxidants are not weight loss supplements.

L-carnosine – Though known as a good fat, this ingredient does not promote weight loss.

L-arginine pyroglutamate – Once again another amino acid that has no use for weight loss.

Cayenne fruit – One of 2 actual weight loss ingredients included in this product, cayenne promotes a thermogenic effect within the body for fat burning.

Hydroxycut Hardcore X Side Effects

Due to considerable caffeine content, it could cause insomnia, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting, headache, loss of appetite, raised blood pressure, and increased heart rate.


After our research, we have to say that Hydroxycut Hardcore X is completely unlikely to create the thermogenic, fat burning results it holds to. Looking at the ingredients, most of them have nothing to do with weight loss at all. Why they weren’t cut from the Hyrdoxcut team, is a mystery. But the two components that do pertain to fat reduction, aren’t included in the clinically proven dosages to provide any positive effects. And even though Hydroxycut Hardcore X is technically still on the market, it could still be considered potentially dangerous considering their company’s spotty rap sheet.

Hydroxycut Hardcore X, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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Product Reviewed: Hydroxycut Hardcore X

People…. my granny always said that if you don`t have anything good or intelligent to say, you`d better shut your mouth up! If you are going to say something about a product, do a better “research”, since E. Coli`s name is E. Coli here and in China!!! Aminoacetic acid-l-methionine is an aminoacid and NOTHING ELSE!!!! Please, don`t confuse people in order to pursuit better sales of your products, since MUSCLETECH had been a very serious trademark over the years. Also, do better research in order to determine that a good income of some aminoacids called essencials, help develop more lean mass, wich leads to a faster basal metabolism and weight loss!!! Have you ever used Hidroxicut Hardcore X ? please… just cut the cr…p and stop such bad and unprofessional advertising mode online….

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