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Hydroxycut Advanced
Hydroxycut Advanced comes from a long line of products previously produced with the infamous ephedrine which the FDA recalled after reports of it causing renal failure. Since the ban on ephedrine, Hydroxycut Advanced has replaced the ingredient and has pushed on. Though causing serious side effects before, Hydroxicut Advanced was also trimming lots of weight. Now that they have changed up their ingredients, are they as effective as the used to be while at the same time really being safe? We wanted to find out.

How Does Hydroxycut Advanced Work?

To breakdown how Hydroxycut Advanced really functions, we evaluated each of its key ingredients separately. Analyzing each of these components, we can get a sense if Hydroxycut Advanced can really help you melt away fat and shed weight.

Caffeine anhydrous-a powerful form of caffeine shown to produce a powerful thermogenic effect in the body if used in the right amounts. However, it also comes with the classic side effects of caffeine.

Aminoacetic acid-a natural amino acid used to feed muscles. However this ingredient has never been shown to build muscles or promote weight loss.

L-methionine-a natural amino acid similar to Aminoacetic, used to deliver nutrients to muscles. But like the previous ingredient, L-methionine does not build muscles or promote weight loss. This also goes for Hydroxcut Advanced’s L-tyrosine, L-leucine, L-carnosine, and L-arginine.

Choline bitartrate-an essential water soluble nutrient chemically synthesized in 1866 after being discovered in 1864. Its presence in Hydroxycut’s formula seem’s off since Choline bitartrate has never been connected to weight loss.

Oleic acid-a good fatty acid known to promote heart health though not weight loss.

L-oroline-a natural amino acid used to feed muscles. Again this compound has never been linked to building more muscles or lead to any weight loss.

Betaine- a compound used in the preservation of lean muscle tissue. Has been shown in the past to sometimes heighten metabolism and help takers gain better definition while losing weight.

Capsicum fruit extract-cayenne pepper is something found in the common kitchen. However, it has also commonly been used as a mild thermogenic fat burning agent.

Hydroxycut Advanced side effects

For some who are sensitive to caffeine or even those who are not, you may experience elevated heartbeat, elevated blood pressure. diarrhea, insomnia, overstimulation, anxiety, dizziness, vomiting, headache, loss of appetite.


After examining its ingredients thoroughly, we honestly have to say that Hydroxcut Advanced just doesn’t cut it (See what we did there?). It claims to provide fat burning, metabolism boosting, and other benefits for weight loss but looking at its components, we don’t see how. Most of it is just a bunch of caffeine. While caffeine can provide temporary and efficient metabolism accelerating results, the side effects are considered to be unmanageable by some. In addition, the results are short lasting and really don’t provide the results many are looking for, even in the short amount of time it does work. However, Hydroxycut Advanced does not even contain clinically tested and proven amounts of caffeine to produce results. So if you’re considering Hydroxycut Advanced, we ask that you follow the advice of TV’s beloved Uncle Joey and “Cut It Out.” (Zing!) After careful consideration, we recommend looking elsewhere for a good diet pill.

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Product Reviewed: Hydroxycut Advanced

judy, iam telling you, theers no safe drug out there. if your looking to lose weight, what you do is watch what you eat, and how much and walk. thats the best there is.

Name: Lin Bullock
Product Reviewed: Hydroxycut Advanced

I think that when you are overweight, you have much less energy than anyone else to work out. I now have, thanks to hydroxycut advanced, the energy to push pass the limit I could before. I used to do an aerobics video at home before I started. I could only get through 15 minutes a week. Now, I can do it twice a day Four Times a WEEK!!!!!! I do, however, have to remind myself to eat!

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