How to Lose Fat the Easy Way

How to Lose Fat the Easy Way

Most people would answer that exercise is the only way to achieve weight loss. Others would say that dieting is vital, or at least eating less than you use.

And despite the proof that diet and exercise are powerful ways to help you lose weight, most people want to know the answer to one common question. Is there an easy way out?

People want to know if there really is an easier and faster way to lose fat and shed some extra weight. So is there?


The absolute fastest way to lose weight the easy way is through a surgery. Whether it’s liposuction, gastric bypass or any of the related procedures, you can walk in fat and walk out skinny.

However, it’s not as simple as that. Surgery is expensive, and carries with it health risks, such as injury. “Stomach stapling” will cause the patient to eat less and lose weight, but little is done to the appetite, meaning the patient can over-eat and tear the staples out.

As well, candidates must be in a certain medical condition before the surgery. Contrary to popular belief, liposuction does not remove a very large amount amount of fat but is primarily responsible for shaping areas of the body. Reports of 50 pounds of fat being removed are very exaggerated.

Colon Cleansers

Though these are not designed to be a weight loss tool, many people turn to them for quick results. Many companies the market colon cleansing products will cater to these people, claiming that their product can instantly remove up to 20 pounds.

Unfortunately, this is very false. Most people, even less-healthy ones, have properly functioning digestive tracts. There is no buildup of “junk” in the intestines. However, because people can see instant “results” (with an increased stool count) they may think that this was waste the body couldn’t handle properly.

Colon cleansers are laxatives (even those that use other ingredients or methods). That means they simply speed up the food in your digestive tract before it has time to digest it. Prolonged use will result in mal-nutrition and dehydration, not to mention gastro-intestinal failures.


Weight loss the easy way can really only be achieved in dietary supplements, or weight-loss pills. Many natural and pharmaceutical ingredients have been shown to promote weight loss without any improvements in diet or exercise.

Far from the magic pill, though, these ingredients have their limitations. Appetite suppressors wear off after a couple weeks as the body gets used to them, and thermogenics (which increase the metabolism) can over-stimulate the body and do harm. About the only type of pill prescribed by doctors is the fat binding type, which has some unsightly side effects.

Is There an Easy Way?

There are, but each comes with a cost. For those who want weight loss the easy way, discuss with a doctor about adding to your dieting and exercise a weight loss supplement or procedure.

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