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Hoodia Gordonii Review

Hoodia Gordonii
Hoodia Gordonii is probably the most talked about diet supplement of all. It is derived from a cactus-like South African plant and has been known to the indigenous bushmen for years. Hoodia supposedly works by fooling your brain that you are full. Nerve cells in the hypothalamus detect your blood sugar levels and tell you whether you are full or not. Hoodia tricks this part of your brain into telling you that you do not need to eat. The bushmen use Hoodia during long hunting trips and to keep their children’s’ hunger at bay during lengthy journeys.

Does Hoodia Work?

Now there have been multiple claims about hoodia, and many have talked about hoodia having amazing benefits. Some have even talked about a patented form called P57. But this is all in their imagination! The simple fact is that hoodia does not actually promote any weight loss benefits. in fact, all studies have failed, indicating that realistically speaking, it does not promote any known benefits. This is not just limited to appetite suppression. P57 doesn’t exist, because the lab creating it, Phytofarm, was shut down in the 90’s for lack of funding.

Which supplements contain Hoodia?

It has been claimed that 100% of hoodia products are fake! The reality is that the South African government has banned the exportation of hoodia from their country. So you cannot legaly get hoodia. Therefore, obviously these are not reputable dealers to say the least.

Hoodia Side Effects

Hoodia has been associated some scientists would say with liver failure. But being that you cannot get the real thing, it really doesn’t matter.

Have you used Hoodia Gordonii?

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