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Herbolean Review

Herbolean claims that with their formula, you can lose weight and you can improve your health as a whole, even lowering bad cholesterol levels. They talk about all the possible benefits and it basically being the best fat burner and mobilize on all the market. They list a few basic ingredients, and they are all rather exotic sounding at least. But is that really a good thing? Exotic doesn’t necessarily equal effective. In fact, it rarely does.

So how does Herbolean work?

Basically speaking, they hide common ingredients under more exotic names, and frankly speaking, none of these ingredients actually show you the results you are looking for. They don’t really burn fat, they don’t really give you results in general. Basically speaking, you could find better results with a diet pill that doesn’t have to hide behind unusual names.

Sida cordifolia -it has been studied for anti inflammatory properties and fat burning properties, however it has never actually been proven

Commiphora mukul -otherwise known as guggul, it has been known to improve thyroid health and possibly build lean muscle mass, but not in the amounts used by Herbolean

Garcinia cambogia -on its own, it can promote weight loss. The problem is that when combined with other ingredients, it works far better and they only use a tiny amount anyway.

Trigonella foenum gracum -as you may have noticed, they like to disguise common ingredients under uncommon names. This is basically fenugreek, which again has not actually been proven

Piper longum -an Indonesian pepper, the theory is that the spicy taste burns more fat. But at best, it’s only been modest in other peppers, and this one has not been proven.

Herbolean side effects

At this point in time, there are no real side effects associated with Herbolean. It has no real stimulants, and it has no other ingredients that have proven side effects at this time.

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