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EliteHoodia Review

EliteHoodia focuses on hoodia, their apparently huge 90 count bottle, and the idea that you can suppress your appetite for greater results in general terms. They claim that you can drop the pounds and look great while taking away your appetite with pure and unadulterated hoodia at this time. they also claim that there are no known side effects according to Tom Mangold of BBC and Lesley Stahl of CBS. Apparently, we somehow missed the part where they became qualified scientists.

How Does EliteHoodia Work?

EliteHoodia does not use hoodia. It would be illegal to export from South Africa. But they claim it will suppress appetite. We’re honestly wondering what is actually in their formula, because obviously that changes everything. We can guarantee it’s not anything legitimate, because if it were, why wouldn’t they at least add that on as an additional ingredient that would improve the effectiveness of hoodia? The fact is that they only name one ingredient that cannot be found in the United States and has been proven to have no known benefits. So obviously, it doesn’t work out.

Hoodia-hoodia has been hyped in the media on news programs and Oprah. However, had they done any research at all, they would have known that hoodia has actually been disproven in every major study. They tried to patent a form. But being that the original never worked, it failed. And then the South African government made it illegal to export hoodia from South Africa in the first place, the only place in which hoodia gordonii actually grows.

EliteHoodia Side Effects

There are no known side effects commonly associated with EliteHoodia.

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