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Diet Defense Review

Diet Defense
Diet Defense claims to give you the formula designed to allow you to see results. They say that it will suppress appetite while also adjusting to stop cravings. When using Diet Defense, they talk about a dual acting approach that uses homeopathy and oligotherapeutic approaches. But do these technologies mean anything at all?

How Does Diet Defense Work?

Diet Defense utilizes a blend of ingredients that they promise helps you to get weight loss results. But they do not have a single ingredient clinically proven to suppress appetite or promote weight loss. When using Diet Defense¸ you find that oligotherapy does not seem to exist, and homeopathy would positively negate any benefits in the first place. It is nothing more than water. So on the bright side, things that usually have side effects do not. But things that could have results likewise do not. Most of the ingredients aren’t effective regardless of how much you use or don’t use.

Abies Canadensis-a homeopathy remedy meant to stop abdomen pain and increase hunger, this fights pain and inflammation.

Anacardium Orientale-Meant to stop restlessness, nervousness, insecurity, anxiety, and forgetfulness.

Argentum Metallicum-It can stop throat pain and respiratory distress. And it can stop extremities and throat mucus.

Adrenocorticotropin Hormone-A hormone found in the pituitary gland, this can help you to see certain health benefits, but not weight loss.

Hypothalamus-Regulating hunger, thirst, fatigue, sleep, and circadian cycles.

Ignatia Amara-This has been known to improve feelings, attitude, and disposition. It has been known to fight feelings, attitude, and disposition. But no weight loss.

Lycopodium Clavatum-Fights malnutrition, improves muscular power, and it is a homeopathic medicine.

Phosphorus-A chemical element found in explosives, nerve agents, friction matches, fireworks, and toothpaste. This does not promote weight loss.

Pituitarum-Found in some homeopathic HGH sprays, this does not actually promote the production of HGH.

Sabadilla-Used to fight nervous, timid, an easily startled issues. It can fight delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, and illusions.

Staphysagria-This has been used to stop neuralgia, teething, cystitis, sties, blephartis, and headaches.

Sulphur-Used to improve skin, this can stop infection and other problems. But with homeopathy, it does not provide any results.

Thyroidinum-thought to improve the thyroid, this doesn’t actually increase metabolism.

Veratrum Album-Used for a paralyzing effect, it can cause severe intoxications.

Diet Defense Side Effects

Diet Defense is unlikely to cause serious side effects.

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