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DaySlim Review

DaySlim gives you the all natural formulation that they say will help you to get the ultimate appétit suppressant and fat burner in one. When you use DaySlim, you will be able to get a formula that gives you 2000mg of pure South African hoodia gordonii combined with 250mg of ginseng for a boost of energy and more metabolism. With DaySlim, you get a liquid formula that tastes great, and you will enjoy a hunger free and tired free day! DaySlim helps you to eliminate your daily cravings, and it gives you the succulent secret chosen by the bushmen of the Kalahari desert specifically for long hunting trips. With 12 bottles in each pack, it is meant for everyday use, and DaySlim helps you to optimize the way that your body works. But how does DaySlim work?

How Does DaySlim Work?

DaySlim uses a blend of just 2 all natural ingredients. When you use DaySlim, they say that you will be able to burn more fat and achieve multiple other benefits. They have ingredients that can help you to achieve certain results, burning more fat, increasing metabolism, and giving you all natural energy levels. But their other ingredient has not been successful in promoting weight loss, and they admit to using just over half of the amounts needed for the only ingredient that matters. DaySlim does not have the ultimate formula that they talk about, and while 2000mg is a big number, in this case it doesn’t matter.

Hoodia gordonii-hoodia gordonii has been all over the media outlets. It has been said to help you to suppress appetite by signaling the brain that you are full. But this has never been proven. A company known as PhytoFarm has worked to prove that hoodia gordonii would supposedly achieve these given results. They have studied multiple amounts, usually in the thousands per dose. But it seems that it suppresses appetite just as bread suppresses appetite. When you eat enough, you will eventually feel full. But it does not signal the brain, and it does not help you feel full.

Ginseng-ginseng is a natural fat burner that is rich in caffeine. This has been known to help many to increase natural metabolism and burn fat. And it is rich in ginsenosides, which also helps you to maintain a better feeling of overall wellbeing. Ginseng requires approximately 400mg to promote these kinds of results. They have about 250mg.

DaySlim Side Effects

DaySlim side effects include headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, an elevated heartbeat, low sodium, increased blood sugar, increased cholesterol, rash, joint disorders, gout, impotence in men, menstrual irregularities, and breast enlargement in men.

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