Dangers Of Diet Pills

The diet pills of the past seem to have disappeared for the most part. They started making them in the early 1900’s, and since then, we have gone through a number of different phases, it would seem all of them bad. Of course, there are diet pills that have been around for quite a while. But it seems that we pay more attention to the ones that get bad press.

For example, in the early 19th and 20th centuries, there were the tapeworm diet pills. There was one famous opera singer who never took diet pills, but suddenly lost about half of her body weight. It was rumored that she enjoyed quite a bit of raw meat. But it was after that, that somebody decided that dehydrated tape worms would work well in a good diet pill. Of course, the truth came out when people got sick and could not stop losing weight!

Likewise, in the early 1930’s, they started using a chemical known as dinitrophenol. They said that it would help you to lose weight by inhibiting the uncoupling process of proteins in the mitochondria, and true to form, it did actually work. Btu unfortunately, these diet pills were also known to cause blindness in many users.

There have been many other diet pills such as Clenbuterol, ephedrine, and fen-phen that have come out since then, all presenting their own dangers. But I would hope that we have come farther than that through clinical studies and more research than ever before! When it comes to diet pills, we often forget about all of the long standing approaches that have not actually been known to cause problems. There are ingredients like green tea, which has literally been through hundreds of positive studies. Likewise, there are newer ingredients that are completely stimulant free like garcinia cambogia and evodiamine. All of these should be the ones receiving more attention.

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