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CliniSlim claims to give you 3 clinically proven weight loss compounds. They also claim that these compounds are finally found in the clinically proven amounts, presenting the actual studies for your greater evaluation. They claim that you will finally be able to lose 30 pounds in 30 days and more importantly be able to keep it off.

How Does CliniSlim Work?

CliniSlim uses 3 clinically proven weight loss compounds to suppress appetite, keep you full for longer, and also burn fat all at the same time. True to their word, it is completely stimulant and caffeine free, and therefore, and they actually have the capability to promote a combined weight loss result of 30 pounds in 30 days. Users have confirmed this.

Chromium -while only really successfully tested in athletes, this ingredient has been known to regulate blood sugar levels. However, when combined with garcinia cambogia and gymnema sylvestre, it has been shown to have fat more significant results.

Garcinia cambogia -this ingredient is equally capable of producing greater results when combined with gymnema sylvestre and chromium. In that combination, it has been shown to increase fat burning, lower cholesterol, and increase good cholesterol.

Gymnema sylvestre -when combined with chromium and garcinia cambogia, it produces a fat burning result while also improving cholesterol levels of both types.

Glucomannan -this natural appetite suppressant is a fiber that basically blows up in your stomach to help you to lose more weight and achieve greater results in amounts of 1000mg or more, which they actually have.

Guarana -this ingredient is more of an energy supplement without caffeine. But ironically, by itself, it has been shown to show no weight loss results at all. But when combined with damiana and yerba mate, it basically slows the process of gastric emptying and keeps you from eating as much by keeping you full for longer.

Yerba mate -when combined with guarana and damiana, it slows the rate of gastric emptying and therefore keeps you full for longer. By itself, it should be noted that it does nothing for weight loss.

Damiana -when combined with guarana and yerba mate, it has been shown to help you to feel full for longer. By itself, it has no effect on weight loss.

CliniSlim Side Effects

There are no real side effects with CliniSlim unless of course you happen to be allergic to one of the ingredients.

Where Do I Buy CliniSlim?

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Product Reviewed: CliniSlim

I thought it was a bit more on the budget side, but I couldn’t pass up a clinically proven formula. The science on it was great and I did tighten up my appetite and lost a bit of weight. I still need to lose 5 more pounds, but I am on my way there.

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