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Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit Review

Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit
Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit claims that you will finally be able to lose more weight, burn more fat, and do much more than you would normally expect. When you use Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit, you will supposedly eliminate excess weight by increasing metabolism, limiting fat storage, promoting a positive mood, suppressing appetite, and more with 3 major stimulant free supplements.

Why Do You Have To Take 3 Supplements?

Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit joins a new rank of products. They combine several pieces, giving you a lower price, sometimes even a lower price than you would pay for one diet pill. But outside of value, what does a kit offer outside of the inconvenience of taking 3 supplements rather than just 1?

A kit provides a more diverse approach to weight loss results. Most diet pills only target fat from one angle. And while they may have clinically proven ingredients, they usually fail, because there are multiple reasons why your body may hold onto fat. A kit targets several of the most common deterrents to successful weight loss results.

How Does Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit Work?

Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit has ingredients that could promote clinically proven results. By nature, protein powders support fat burning and a healthy metabolism for the simple fact that a protein powder is designed to support lean muscle mass. But successful protein powders require not only the right quantity of protein, but high quality proteins that efficiently absorb into the body. Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit does not fulfill either of these requirements.

What about their other 2 supplements? The other 2 supplements have an ingredient called evodiamine, which can promote substantial and stimulant free weight loss results. The problem is that the other ingredients do not promote any clinically proven fat burning or weight loss results. And from what we can tell, they do not use the clinically proven doses of evodiamine.

Octopamine HCL-octopamine has been commonly known to release fat from the cells, supposedly promoting fat burning and weight loss. Studies have shown that it does have this particular effect. But you will find that unfortunately, other cells automatically reabsorb these given cells. And you will find that it therefore does not promote any fat burning or weight loss results.

Yohimbine-A natural aphrodisiac that has been associated with certain benefits for sexual health, yohimbine has been known to fight sexual dysfunction. But it has never actually been known to promote weight loss or muscle building results as they would imply. It does not necessarily increase testosterone production. When you use yohimbine, unfortunately it can cause heart attacks, strokes, renal failure, and kidney damage, but not real results.

Evodiamine-Evodiamine works as a completely stimulant free fat burner that can help you to achieve certain greater weight loss results. When you use evodiamine, you will find that it can help you to thermogenically eliminate certain problems. But of course, it requires that you use the clinically proven amounts, which most that we have seen do not.

N-acetyl-l-tyrosine-a natural amino acid, this has been known to feed the muscles and prevent muscle breakdown. It has been known to encourage certain benefits. But it does not promote weight loss results. It is more of a backup ingredient.

Zinc aspartate-used to enhance healing in the muscles and muscle energy, this has been used in a number of muscle formulas including ZMA supplements. Some would also say that it has been known to enhance androgen benefits.

Fucoxanthin-coming from seaweed, this stimulant free fat burner has been tested through studies in Japan. But all of the studies have been conducted at the same lab and by the same team of scientists. When you use fucoxanthin, it has only been tested in rat studies, no human studies as of yet. So you should always back it up with other strong ingredients.

Salix matsudana extract-When tested with a high fat diet, they say that it helps you to increase fat mobilization and reduce adipose tissue. However, there have been limited studies as of yet, and further studies should be conducted to confirm any given results.

Whey Protein Isolate-whey protein can be one of the most concentrated forms. But if you do not have the right quality thereof, it cannot actually produce any given results. When you use whey protein isolate, it can potentially burn more fat and build more lean muscle mass.

Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit Side Effects

Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit side effects include headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, an elevated heartbeat, heart attack, stroke, renal failure, and kidney damage.

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