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BodyMedia Review

I think I’ve said it about a million times. Where did the concept of personal responsibility go? When did we become so dependent on these so called “miracle diet pills” that we forgot about diet and exercise? When was it that we decided that it’s all somebody else’s fault? That is ultimately our downfall: the fact that we do nothing for ourselves, as a nation.

And BodyMedia seems to really make that point…..again. You have to do something for yourself if you really want to succeed. If you want to lose weight, you have to diet, you have to exercise, and now studies show that you should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep!

BodyMedia is mainly designed to measure these 3 things to give you a picture of perfection. It tells you what you are doing wrong so that you can make a change. How effective is this approach?

How Does BodyMedia Work?

BodyMedia is a small arm band. I assume it sends small electrodes through your body to measure all of this. So if you have a pacemaker or other electronic device in your body, you should be careful. You don’t want it to interfere with something so essential to your life. This is all an assumption, BodyMedia doesn’t actually say that.

But the idea is that if you know what you’re doing wrong and what’s really going on, you will automatically choose to change. The idea is that you will be able to eat right, exercise more, and sleep better if it’s right in your face. And you don’t have to write it down, because again BodyMedia does all of the work for you, at least in that aspect. But BodyMedia does not work for everyone, and there’s no way to prove the theory about “3 times more weight.”

Who BodyMedia Doesn’t Work For

BodyMedia is not a diet pill, it’s not a treadmill, it’s not a diet plan! BodyMedia only tells you what you are doing wrong. It doesn’t tell you how to fix it, give you a way to exercise, or even help you to deal with the problems your body seems to have. I’ve seen some people who just didn’t realize that they were eating so much. And I’ve seen some people make a real change, choosing to eat less at the end of the day after looking at the numbers on their BodyMedia. But improving awareness is not quite the same as giving you direction. And while we pay a lot for direction, I don’t know that paying $250 for a calorie tracker is all that reasonable.

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