Top 10 Best Diet Foods for Women

best diet foods for women

Does your diet need a pick me up?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of the top 10 diet foods for women that are guaranteed to give you more nutrition for fewer calories, so you can look as great as you feel.

Rather than focusing on which foods you have to give up in order to cut back on calories, you can focus on adding these amazing super foods to give you the slim, sexy look you’ve always wanted.

Now you can slim down without sacrificing flavor, so keep reading to find out how you can lose more weight than ever before with these Super Foods.

Add These Amazing Foods to Your Diet!

1. Bell Peppers: Bell peppers contain more vitamin C than an orange, so if you want to boost your immune system while protecting your eyes against damage, then be sure to add a few Bell Peppers to your next meal. Additionally, Bell Peppers contain thermogenic properties that can temporarily boost your core temperature and help you burn more calories!

2. Eggs: Jumpstart your morning with this healthy breakfast food! The incredible edible egg is loaded with protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – all for just 70 calories!
Recent research has shown that those who eat eggs with their breakfast feel fuller for longer periods of time and are more likely to consume fewer calories throughout the day.

3. Beans: There’s no doubt about it, this “musical” fruit is downright good for you digestive system. It’s rich in fiber that can help lower cholesterol and makes for an excellent source of low fat protein. White kidney beans in particular is known for inhibiting the absorption of dietary fats, so you can slim down and look great.

4. Kiwi: This furry skinned green fruit is one of the best sources of vitamin c and fiber that you’ll ever find. Tasty and sweet, the kiwi fruit contains high concentrations of antioxidants as well as vitamins A and E that can fight off wrinkles, reduce oxidative stress on cells, and even help cleanse the body of harmful toxins and environmental pollutants.

Not a fan of Kiwi? Pineapple and Guava offer similar weight loss benefits.

garlic5. Garlic: Garlic may leave you grabbing the gum or tonguing a tic-tac, but this amazing bulb is a powerful tool for boosting your immune system and staying in shape. Garlic contains the chemical Allicin, which offers a wide variety of health benefits, including anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Studies have shown that consuming garlic on a regular basis may lower blood pressure and decrease your risk of heart disease and dementia.

6. Sweet Potatoes: Ok, so they’re not very healthy for you when smothered in butter, covered in brown sugar and marshmallows, and served at Thanksgiving – but set all the extra toppings aside and you have a powerful and tasty super food on hand. They’re loaded with vitamin A (which is great for your skin) as well as vitamin C, calcium, and potassium (which can keep electrolytes in balance for an intense workout).

7. Salmon: Fresh fish is packed with protein and iron (both of which women need in order to stay healthy), and Salmon in particular is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that can help protect your heart and boost your brain power. The American Heart Association encourages that adults consume fish at least twice a week in order to give our body the “good” fats it needs to stay in tip top shape.

8. Quinoa: This South American Staple is a protein and fiber powerhouse, providing you with high concentrations of zinc, vitamin E, and selenium – all of which can contribute to lowering your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

When eaten regularly, Quinoa can help cleanse the intestines of excess waste and pollutants, resulting in a better digestive system and metabolism – so you can get your weight loss off to a great start.

9. Lentils: For every cooked cup, Lentils contain about 30 percent of your daily iron. Statistics have shown about 12% of young women have low iron stores – which can result in anemia other medical issues, so don’t be afraid to sprinkle a few lentils in your soups or salads to stay healthy and strong all day long.

10. Dark Chocolate: No, this doesn’t mean that you can break out the Snickers and the Reeses and feel completely guilt free about eating them, but dark chocolate is a surprisingly super food. The cocoa found in dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants as well as the chemicals Theobromine and PEA.

Theobromine, like caffeine, can stimulate the heart and relax blood vessels to reduce high blood pressure and improve circulation, while PEA (Phenethylamine or the “love drug”) triggers a euphoric sensation that can improve your mood.

Additional Suggestions

slimvoxThese top 10 foods are some of the best diet foods for women available, and when you include them alongside your regular exercise routine, you can slim down, tone up, and get more nutritional bang for your buck.

If you’re looking to lose even more weight, then you may want to consider supplementing with a fat burner specifically designed for the female body. Slimvox is a revolutionary supplement that contains all-natural herbs and ingredients to help you lose more weight than ever before.

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