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Barry’s Bootcamp Review

Barry’s Bootcamp
Barry’s Bootcamp claims that through cardio workouts and intensive strength training, you can target your weight loss goals and achieve the results you are looking for. They claim that the creator “found his calling” when he worked a desk job at a local gym. This being said, they make quite a few other claims about all possibilities when it comes to weight loss with this set of products.

So How Does Barry’s Bootcamp Work?

As far as we can tell it doesn’t. It is based on false premises when they claim to target one or two areas of the body with each workout. Yes, cardio is a good thing. But they focus more on the “strength training” which does not burn fat, and quite frankly, they rely quite a bit on the idea that they use “celebrity trainers.” How many celebrity trainers are there?

Butt & Legs -the one good thing about their videos is the fact that they are all one hour long and they all claim to have cardio. This is no exception, claiming to use targeted methods and moves for the butt and legs.

Chest & Abs -They name “celebrity trainer” Rich as the director of this video and claim it will give you a “defined chest and sculpted abs.” It is based on some cardio. But we suspect it may be quite a few sit ups and otherwise moves that do not actually burn any fat! Actually, with the abs, you should be working them every day, and frankly with the right workout, you would be working your core every day.

Full body -directed by Barry Jay, the creator of this actual program. They claim to have a full body strength training and cardio workout. They claim it will give you a strong and lean body helping you to use your body own body weight for one hour. While this is the one video that does not depend on a “celebrity trainer”, it doesn’t mean it’s any more valid. And if it’s full body, why couldn’t you use it every day?

Shoulders & Back -taken using celebrity trainer Joey, this apparently helps you to blast fat using cardio and workouts to sculpt the shoulders and back. They also have a treadmill workout with this. Again, it’s a matter of we’re not sure that they really have cardio at all among other things.

Arms & Abs -Using the Biggest Loser’s Allison Sweeney, this focuses on the arms and abs. It will help you to ideally speaking sculpt and tone. However, again, you cannot target one area of fat, and they should point out the fact that with the right workout, you would be targeting your core even with a workout focus on the arms.

Barry’s Bootcamp Side Effects

As a workout, there are no known side effects. Of course, don’t push yourself too hard if you are going from nothing to this. Start out slow. However, outside of that, there are no apparent risks.

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