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Amfedrine Review

Amfedrine is a supplement basing its formula entirely on 4 ingredients, which they claim will provide the amazing results you are looking for without the hassle or side effects associated with other products. They claim that you will see benefits like you’ve never seen in increased metabolism and decreased appetite at the same time. And with Amfedrine, you will finally be able to lose more weight and effectively transform your body for the better.

How Does Amfedrine Work?

Amfedrine uses only 1 proven ingredients, we mean to correct that, which is green tea. Unfortunately, green tea requires at least 400mg, and they don’t provide the amounts. In addition, the other ingredients have either one study that was conducted on athletes where all others failed, or all of their studies on any group have failed. They don’t do the things that they claim, and they have never been theorized to do so. In addition, they must have forgotten about all the side effects caffeine is known to cause as they have conveniently left that part out.

Green tea -green tea has been known for its fat burning power with EGCG’s. But it requires 400mg at minimum, which most products don’t do, and those that do disclose the amount.

Chromium polynicotinate -it has been tested for weight loss and thought to regulate blood sugar. However, the only successful studies were conducted on athletes.

Hoodia gordonii -hoodia gordonii is illegal to export from South Africa. All major studies on hoodia gordonii have shown no significant difference and shown no results.

Caffeine anhydrous -caffeine anhydrous hypes up the system to burn more fat. But it only works for a short period of time, and it can cause various side effects.

Amfedrine Side Effects

Amfedrine side effects include diarrhea, dizziness, headaches, raised blood pressure, increased heart rate, loss of appetite, vomiting, and irregular heartbeat.

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