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Alli Review

Alli is an over-the-counter diet pill that promises the strength of a prescription diet pill, but in a non-prescription form. Although there was some controversy over its approval by the FDA, it is a safe, effective and popular option for weight loss. Alli diet pills offer an option to those dieters who would like to avoid embarrassing trips to the doctor, health insurance claims and the hassle of prescription pickups. It really is as easy as just going to the pharmacy and buying it. With over 130 million Americans overweight, and more than $23 billion spent on diet products annually, this is a move by the FDA to introduce some scientific credibility into the over-the-counter diet pill market. Alli diet pills differ from other over-the-counter pills, in that their active ingredient has been rigorously tested and trialled. As such they should be safer and more effective in the long term.

How Does Alli Work?

Alli is otherwise known as Orlistat. It is a half-dose version of Xenical, reviewed on this site under the prescription drug section, and is actually the first government-approved non-prescription pill. As a fat blocker, Alli diet pills cut the amount of fat that your body absorbs by around a quarter, or about 150-200 calories worth. Combined with a low fat diet, you would think patients would lose more weight. However, with Alli, it’s a no fat diet or nothing. The side effects can be quite nasty to say the least, and frankly speaking, even then patients take a year to lose 5-10% of their body weight. That’s what you should be losing with healthy diet and exercise in 1-2 months!

Orlistat-orlistat is a prescription grade fat blocker. It has been used in both prescription Xenical and over the counter Alli to promote weight loss. Unfortunately, it comes with quite a few potentially embarrassing side effects such as severe and sudden diarrhea for example, and it does not differentiate between good and bad fats, good you need to actually lose weight. Study participants typically lose about 5-10% of body weight in the space of a year, which is small.

Alli Side Effects

In layman’s terms, side effects of Alli generally include orange spots, leaking, sudden and severe diarrhea, the need for adult diapers, and they also advise you to wear dark pants. Alli has also been known to interfere with the proper absorption of fat soluble vitamins, leading to vitamin deficiencies

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