African Mango

Maybe you’ve heard of the African Mango. Maybe you haven’t. It’s also been called Irvingia Gabonensis, and it has only recently risen in popularity. It has been overshadowed by big names such as green tea and ingredients now banned in the United States.

Featured on CNN, ABC, and by other news outlets, some are saying African Mango could provide a superior alternative to banned substances or any stimulant for that matter. Though the trustworthiness of news outlets is a debate that should be left for other Web sites, we have to say the reports made us curious. Is there anything to all the hype surrounding African Mango?

How Does African Mango Work?

The advertisements claim 20 years of extensive studies have proven African Mango is associated with a growing list of heath benefits including weight loss. But with any product, you have to wonder how closely advertisements reflect the truth.

To get to the bottom of the matter we examined the key ingredients and their associated benefits to determine their validity. To our surprise we found African Mango held up to the scrutiny. Without question, this all-natural, stimulant-free supplement provides valid weight loss results.

Fat Burning-When it comes to African Mango and weight loss, its primary benefit comes from the fat-burning possibilities and it does it without using any stimulants. In certain studies, subjects lost an average of 12.3 pounds in 28 days.

Appetite Suppression-African Mango has been clinically proven to reduce and comfortably suppress appetite to help individuals reduce caloric intake.

Leptin Control-African Mango is actually the only supplement clinically proven to control the hormone leptin. Stopping this obesity-linked hormone will make future diet and exercise that much more effective.

Cholesterol-African Mango has been known to improve overall health and reduce the risk of high cholesterol and heart health problems.

However, African Mango has been found deficient in a few of its claims.

Belly Fat-Though we may not like it, African Mango nor any other natural supplement has been clinically proven to fight belly fat specifically.

Detoxifying-Detoxifying the body’s intestinal tract has been suggested by many to result in weight loss and more efficient digestion. African Mango has not been proven to do this.

However, when looked at as a whole, African Mango exceeded our expectations.

African Mango Side Effects

African Mango is unlikely to cause serious problems as an all-natural ingredient

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Product Reviewed: African Mango

I saw a diet pill that has it in it and bought it. In just a few days I could tell a big difference. It is called IrvingiAppress. Really worked for me. You may want to give it a try.

Product Reviewed: African Mango

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