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Adipex Review

Adipex is literally the most popular prescription diet pill on the market. Its main component is Phentermine, also known as the phen in the original Fen-Phen. This ingredient has been known for its extreme, if not short lived results. After a few weeks of taking the product, subjects find that their bodies have already built up a resistance. While they wait for for their immunity to the drug to wear off, these subjects often gain the weight they lost back. Finally, once the resistance has faded, they start taking Adipex again, creating an ongoing yo-yo effect. All the while however, the takers of Adipex are exposing themselves to risks and side effects including severe headaches, blurred vision, and sometimes even seizures. Though this product is risky, people continue to use it.

So how does Adipex work?

The reason Adipex is so risky is because it works like an amphetamine. Adipex’s phentermine works to stimulate the central nervous system in a way that actually suppresses appetite. But like we mentioned above, this mechanism of action only last a few weeks at a time. Once the drug loses its effect, many people take breaks, waiting for their bodies to lose its tolerance of the drug. As we said earlier, Adipex can also cause a number of extremely severe side effects. Though it might be hard to find something that works as dramatically as Adipex, we recommend searching for a safer alternative.

Phentermine- This controlled substance is Adipex’s sole ingredient. Adipex uses a 37.5mg dosage which is actually the highest allowable dosage according to the FDA. If you do decide to try this product, make sure that you DO NOT UP YOUR DOSAGE when its effects stop being felt. This will not improve the drug’s effectiveness and will only lead to more severe side effects.

Adipex Side Effects

Adipex side effects include pulmonary hypertension(a rare lung disorder), chest pain, uneven heartbeat, unusual thoughts or behavior, increased blood pressure, nervousness, headaches, dizziness, tremors, insomnia, dry mouth, constipation, depression, psychosis, and various other severe side effects such as sudden and severe weight gain.

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