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Acomplia Review

Acomplia was actually banned, even though they claim that you will lose weight with it. They originally said that you could fight smoking and obesity at the same time. They claimed that it would fight the addictive idea in the brain, and it was originally launched in 2006 with these claims in Europe. It was claimed to be vying for American FDA approval. However, it was repeatedly turned down and actually banned by the European Medicines Agency in October of 2008. Moreover, the makers actually stopped making it when they had no market.

How Does Acomplia Work?

Acomplia technically was supposed to work within the addiction related parts of the brain. This being said, there were many reports that it did not promote weight loss, did a better job at smoking, and there were reports that it did not even really help you to stop smoking. Essentially speaking, all studies were questionable at best.

Rimonabant -the only active and named ingredient in Acomplia, this has not been proven to promote weight loss or the cessation of smoking. However, it has been shown to cause various problems and has accordingly attracted a number of lawsuits, especially when there were accusations that Sanofi Aventis actually covered up negative test results to try to avoid being shut down like this. Unfortunately, they covered up quite serious mental side effects among other things.

Acomplia Side Effects

Possible and tested side effects of Acomplia include death, colorectal cancer, vomiting, nausea, extreme depression, suicide, neurotoxicity, increased risk of multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, memory issues, psychosis, heart attack, stroke, etc.

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1 Reviews on Acomplia

Product Reviewed: Acomplia

5 years ago i prescribed by my doctor to have acomplia to improve my weight to help my diabetic condition.
after taking only one pack of 28 pils i lost 10 kilos . few daye later i became paralised which made me to stay in bed for 1 year.
i have alresdy made a lawsuit against company .
i wonder if there is anybody who has the same experince.
if so please contact me


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