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Accelis Review

Produced by Iovate, a company known for multiple weight loss products in general, Accelis was based on the idea of being the ultimate “revolutionary stimulant-free weight loss supplement that can help you to lose an average of 10.65 pound fast.” If they’re referring to a clinical study as we suspect, that would mean in about 8 weeks time, averaging out to less than 2 pounds per week. 2 pounds is actually the estimated healthy amount to lose with diet and exercise, which should be combined with this or any other diet pill.

So how does Accelis work?

The ingredients found in Accelis were mainly meant to work in small ways such as regulating blood sugar levels. They used a number of different ingredients meant to in an ideal situation actually burn fat. But without the caffeine, those ingredients were incapable of producing those results. Realistically speaking, it does not have what you would need. It has teas, but they have taken out the caffeine that actually promotes weight loss. It’s not the antioxidants in teas burning fat. Moreover, their other ingredients simply aren’t strong enough in any amounts.

Lagerstroemia speciosa -otherwise known as banaba leaf, the main function of this ingredient was actually to control blood sugar levels. Yes, this can be helpful in some ways, but not to promote significant or expedient weight loss.

Caffeine free green tea -Green tea has been proven time and time again to promote weight loss, when it has caffeine. That’s the main issue it could be said. Without caffeine, it does not actually promote any weight loss results, and even with caffeine it would require at least 400mg. Their entire proprietary blend is 30mg.

Caffeine Free oolong tea -again, oolong tea promotes weight loss because of the caffeine content. Without caffeine, and it would also require 400mg as opposed to their 30mg proprietary blend, you will not see weight loss of any kind.

Caffeine free white tea -white tea is probably the tea with the least substantiation in terms of weight loss results. It has the least caffeine of any of the kinds, because it is fermented the least. This being said, they don’t have caffeine at all in it, and it does not promote weight loss, especially in the smaller amounts they have.

Chamomile extract -used to relax the muscles and promote greater sleep, this has nothing at all to do with weight loss. Yes, it’s meant to work without stimulants. But this goes in an extreme opposite direction.

Passionflower -like chamomile, it does not promote weight loss. It promotes sleep. It is completely inconsequential to the purpose of any given diet pill.

Accelis Side Effects

Side effects would be unlikely with Accelis.

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